NYAF in one week!

Only one week left till the New York Anime Festival! I can’t wait ^^.

I will probably attend sometime Saturday, Since it’s the only day I have time to devote to such an event. I will make the most out of it, and probably spend all of my cash too ^^. Expect to see coverage of the Saturday festivities posted here and probably a loot post too.

New Header, New Blog.

Hi, welcome to my new blog! This would be my first official post here, I hope for there to be more as time goes on. A bit about myself: I am a huge fan of anime and manga, as well as otaku and japanese culture. I suppose this blog will contain mostly things about stuff like that. I am also into playing music, so you may see posts about new instruments I have acquired or other music related stuff. I live in the New York Metropolitan area, so I might put some stuff up here about NYC as well…

That’s it for now, so I leave you a parting gift, a picture of Nanako sensei!

Nanako Sensei is at your service
Nanako Sensei is at your service