NYAF / NYCC: Saturday, 2010

Hello all! As promised, here are photos of the New York Anime Festival / New York Comic Con from Saturday. This convention was truly epic, it took up most of Javits, and was absolutely crowed with soo many people! It was very hard to take photos because of all the pushing and shoving going on, so sorry if  some of them are a bit blurry. It was so much fun though!

Anyhow, lets get to the pictures:

New York Comic Con 2010

Outside Javits. Photo was taken when I went to get some lunch (I arrived much earlier than this) and thought this would be a good photo to start with ^^.

New York Comic Con 2010

Going back a few hours; started off with the NYAF Artist Alley (there were two, one for the NYCC and one for the NYAF). This was before things got really crazy and more people started to show up, which was nice because I got to take some time to look at the wonderful art.

Haruhi and Yuki Cosplay

Haruhi & Yuki. Absolutely loved their cosplay!

Dr. Who Tardis

There were a ton of these Dr. Who Tardis’ at the show.

Phoenix Write Cosplay

Obligatory photo of Phoenix Wright saying “Objection!” is Obligatory.

Ubisoft Michael Jackson

Ubisoft Michael Jackson

After artist alley I went up to the main area which had all of the booths and dealers. As you first walked in Ubisoft had a huge booth advertising their new Michael Jackson game. I think the game was for wii and it had the players moving the wii remote to imitate Michael Jackson’s dance moves.

Square Enix New York Comic Con

Square Enix was there…

New York Comic Con

Checking out some new games. Forgot what this one was called…

dead space 2

Billboard for Dead Space 2


Yea, Nintendo was there too


At the Aniplex booth. They were playing haruhi when I went there.





K-ON! Cosplay

Some incredibly cute K-ON! cosplay here at the Aniplex booth.

Princess Leia

Moving on, some love princess leia(s) cosplay.


Assassins Creed Cosplay
Assassins Creed Cosplay




Haruhi Games

There was this booth selling games only sold in japan (I think they are usually here every year). They had the limited edition Haruhi games, along with other Japanese games like project diva


Show getting really crowded…



Spiderman with an incredibly cute girl ^^;;


Two Sandtroopers with a Marine. The troopers saluted the man and shook his hand.

New York Comic Con 2010

Outside grabbing some lunch. With a lack of any real place to sit down, everyone was sitting on the curb.

New York Comic Con 2010

Downstairs was a good place to see allot of anime cosplayers.

Vocaloid Cosplay

Assorted Vocaloids


One of my favorite cosplays at the show. So beautiful T_T

Intel Booth

Intel had this huge booth set up. I guess there was some sort of PC gaming tournament going on.


New York Comic Con 2010

Huge wall of shirts

New York Comic Con 2010


High school of the dead

High school of the dead. Perhaps it will come to america?

Halolz booth

Halolz booth was full of lolz


Some booth selling artbooks.


New York Comic Con 2010

Sushi pillows

Tinier me booth

Tinier me booth. I was mostly interested in the big Miku Hatsune cardboard cutout ^^.


New York Comic Con 2010

Some cool art

Fake Nendoroids

Hard to tell from this picture but all of these nendoroids are fakes. Such a shame.

New York Comic Con 2010

Mmmm… Figures. These ones were real *buys them all*



Drawing dude

This guy is here every year doing one of these huge drawing thingies. This year it was Yu-gi-oh I guess.

Mio Akiyama Cosplay

Two lovely girls making two lovely Mio Akiyama cosplays ^^.

Epic Lulz

Looks like the internet is here.

That’s about it. there are more photos on my flickr for those who want moar. The convention was absolutely packed with people this year, so much so that I think they stopped selling tickets for Saturday. But I think it didn’t matter if you had a ticket or not, there were so many people moving in and out of the show I think the people just stopped attempting to check for badges ^^.

If you see your photo here, why not comment? I would be nice if I knew who was in the photos. If you see your photo and would rather not be on the internets, comment or email me at : hummerbob1@gmail.com

Hope anyone who went to the con had a great time! I know I certainly did. If you didn’t go this year, then you should definitely consider going next year, it really is allot of fun ^^.

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  1. Hi, I’m the girl in the pink dress which you commented “One of my favorite cosplays at the show. So beautiful T_T”
    Haha thank you so much!! xD I really appreciate it! It was a hard dress to make, but I pulled through.

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