Really late posting this ^^;;. But at last, here it is! I usually don’t do any loot posts, but I figured I might as well share my haul from the NYAF. Spent more money than I planned to, but that always happens at these conventions ^^.

NYAF loot

Here is a picture of (almost) everything. I did purchase a bit more than this, but I figured this was just some stuff of interest. Also got loads of free handouts and what not, but I don’t think its worth the time to show all that stuff ^^.

Vocaloid race queen

Got the Vocaloid race queen nendoroid petit set. The set was rather overpriced ($90!) but I just couldn’t resist the cuteness ^^. More pics of them soon!


Have been wanting to watch Kannagi for the longest time, but somehow always forgot to watch it. They had the box set for sale, so I bought it. Now that I actually payed money for it I will definitely watch it ^^;.


Some manga I bought. The Paradigm Shift manga (4th from the right) was autographed by the artist. The artist even drew a picture of one of the characters for me inside the front cover ^^.

HTT Listen!

K-ON!’s ending theme ‘Listen!’. Usually, if I can, I like to buy CDs of albums I like. Its kind of old school, I know. But there is just something I like about having a collection of CDs.

K-ON trading figure.

Bought a K-ON trading figure, ended up getting Yui (forgot to take a picture ^^)


Misao is probably one of my favorite characters from lucky star. So when I saw a figure of her, I simply had to buy it.

Lucky Star street fighter nendoroid set

Got the Lucky star x Street Fighter set. More pics to come!

Fairy-union art book

Picked up this coolsome artbook with the lovely characters from railgun on the front.


Got this awesome bag with the artbook. Oh yea, and I also picked up bamboo blade.

That’s all folks!

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