iPhone 4!

Don’t worry, I’m not dead (yet ^^;;). I know its been forever since Ive made a post. Ive been wanting to post for a while but never got around to it (life can get crazy). But anyhow, I figured I might as well show you my new get. Its the new iphone!

iphone 4

Miku came to help me unbox my iphone ^^


Apple’s simple packaging as usual.

Miku and the iphone

And here is the phone itself! Very shiny~ lets see how long it stays that way.

iphone 4 Verizon

I’m sure many of you who live in the US have heard that the iphone 4 has come to verizon (a moment I have been waiting for) and once I heard it was official I pre-ordered it. For those who don’t know, Verizon is a major cell phone carrier in the US and I have been using Verizon for a while and love it. However, the iphone was available only exclusively on AT&T (another major cell phone carrier in the US). But just this month the iphone became available on Verizon and I am soooo happy!

Meiko and my iphone

Meiko entertains me while my phone is syncing.

Miku and the iphone

Its so nice to a have a phone that can run apps, hold music, go on the internet and all that cool stuff. This feels like such an amazing thing for me because the phone I had before this was pretty basic…


…but whats this? Two iphones?!? Don’t worry, the 2nd one isn’t mine.

iphone 4 verizon

Hmm… my blog looks pretty good on the iphone ^^

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  1. Lucky, i wouldnt mind having an iphone, but the plan and the actually cost of it would mean that id have to choose between, 5 months of figures and other things on order or Iphone.. obviously id take the first option ^^

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