Empire State Building Light Show

Today we have a slight diversion from the usual content to look at an NYC related event. The world-famous Empire State Building put on a light show yesterday, which I figured would be a good chance to try out the video capabilities of my D5100. I was able to get a pretty good view, and with the help of a tripod I think the video turned out alright. Some info about this light show below:

On Monday Nov 26th, the Empire State Building held a light show in order to show off its new fully LED lighting system. For those who haven’t been to the big apple before, every night the top of the empire state building is lit up, on some nights different colors based on the holiday/event. On Monday the ESB ditched its old lighting system for a new fancy fully LED lighting system, which would be more eco-friendly and probably allows for a wider range of colors. To celebrate, the lights put on a short show Monday night synced to music from the American pop artist Alicia Keys. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me ^^. Good to see the power of LED technology catching on!

For those wondering I synced in the audio in Final Cut. Tried my best to sync it to the lights as the radio broadcast (one I originally recorded on the camera) was very out of sync ^^.