Hello! After sharing Hachune Tunes, I caught some of the rest of my desktop in the screengrab. So I might as well share my desktop with everyone incase there was somebody who was interested ^^.

The Background is featuring the lovely K-ON girls (except azunyan) and can be found at animepaper:!/item96046/ . All credit goes to it original creator.


About my mac: The one you see here is running OSX Tiger (10.4.11). The machine itself is an ibook G3 (yes, it is indeed old) but runs fine.

I also have a macbook pro, which runs leopard (10.5.7) and also an older clamshell ibook which runs OS 9.2 (very old, but still runs). Those machines will be for another time ^^.

That’s about it for today… I know I haven’t really posted allot, being a student gives you allot less time to work on posts and stuff. Since it is the weekend though, I hope to get at least one more post in before next week. Not sure what it will be though ^^;;

Ta ta for now ^^.

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