Hachune Tunes

If you’re a mac user like I am, you might be a bit disappointed by the lack of anime-related add-ons for OS X. Well today I’d like to share with you Hachune Tunes, a program I came across on the internet that puts Miku Hatsune in your dock! Hachune Tunes

Hachune Tunes is a unique program that puts a Miku Hachune icon in your dock. When you start up the program and play a song in itunes, she will swing her leek to the music!Hachune TunesHachune Tunes


Hachune Tunes OS X

You can adjust how fast she swings her leek in her preferences.

Hachune Tunes

Hachune Tunes also has Quick Control enabled, so you can also control your itunes.

Hachune Tunes

Requirements: compatible with OS 10.3.9 and up. All credit goes to the respective creators.

Download link: http://sm4377055.sakuratan.com/


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