Mobip Yui Hirasawa Review

Hola! So here is the third review in the series of K-ON! mobip reviews here. Today, we examine Yui Hirasawa.

Yui's box

So here is her box. Just like the other mobips, only different ^^.

Back of the box

The contents

Here are the contents, sealed in their protective plastic n stuff.

Yui's stuff

A closer look at yui’s accessories…

Yui's Guitar


Ritsu's Hi-hat

And here is a Hi-Hat for Ritsu’s drum set. She will be reviewed next!

Yui's microphone

And finally we have Yui’s microphone. Ok, enough of this stuff, lets take a look at the figure!!


And here is Yui herself! As you can see, she came with a minor paint imperfection around her mouth ToT.


Other than the paint smudge on her one face, Yui is a pretty nice figure.

Yui with her guitar

Here’s Yui with her guitar.

Yui with her guitar and microphone

And here she is with her guitar and microphone (and a different face)

Yui with her bag

Yui with her bag.


Here is Yui with the image of the clubroom that came inside her box.

Mio and Yui

Mio and Yui doing some practicing. The other microphone is from Figma Miku. The good thing about Mobips is that they are about the same scale as Figmas, so accessories are pretty much interchangeable.

Yui, Mio and Mugi

And finally, we have the whole group together! They are all really nice figures. Can’t wait to get Ritsu to finish of the collection here (too bad they never made azunyan, will have to see if I can get figma Azunyan).  Anyhow, that’s about it for this review. As you might have noticed though, I forgot to take pictures of Yui with her 3rd face (the ‘shocked’ one, you can see it in picture 4), so I might update this post with that.

As always, you can see all these pictures (and moar!) on my flickr. Mobip Ritsu comming soon!

Untill next time, Peace!

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  1. You are using apple computer right? well i am using a macbook pro and i was wondering if there’s like a anime widget for our system like in windows, cause i know there is not many but do you know anything nice to share ? haha

    • Cool, nice to see a fellow apple user! As far as anime widgets go, I am not entirely sure what is out there. I have already posted hachune tunes here, but that isn’t really a widget I guess. I will have be on the lookout for some anime widgets for mac. If I see anything good, I will post them!

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