Hello! Spring break is just about over here, and I have some random photos from throughout the week. Was great to have some time off for once!

in the village

Lets start off here in the village. Really nice area, lots of nice restaurants and apartments here. I should really post more pictures from around the city on this blog, but I always forget my camera >.<

I will make a point to bring my camera more often (although it probably won’t happen ^^;;)

Pizza no28

Speaking of nice restaurants in the village, this is one of my favorite pizza places in the city, Pizza no28. I think it has some of the best pizza in NY. Really. Its by the corner of Bleecker and Carmine st. Try it some day.

On the way to kinokunya

On the way to Kinokuniya by Bryant park

Sitting at the cafe in Kinos

Here I am sitting at the cafe in kinokuniya’s. Unfortunately photos aren’t allowed inside the store, so this is as much as you will see >.<

It’s a really nice store though. I would highly reccomend going there and checking it out! They have a great selection of not only anime/manga merchandise but they also have a ton of other japan related stuff.

Vocaloid nendoroid petit

Of course I have to buy something whenever I got to kinos, so I picked up a vocaloid nendoroid petit blindbox.


I ended up getting Meiko. Pretty happy with getting her (it would have been funny if I got Hachune Miku though ^^)

Meiko on my bottle o starbucks coffee

Meiko dancing on my bottle o starbucks (good stuff (^.^)b


As if Mio hasn’t made enough appearances on this blog…

She’s just so cute though!!!

Mobip Yui

Oh, forgot to mention I picked up Mobip yui while at kinos as well. A review will be coming soon!


Took this picture on a recent trip across the river to NJ.

Mio & Meiko Staring....

Well, that’s about it for now.


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