Tsumugi Kotobuki Mobip figure review

Yet another mobip review finds its way onto here… this time its Mugi-chan from K-ON. Got her after getting Mio, and hope to get the whole set! (shame they don’t have azunyan T.T)

Mugi in her box

Mugi in her Box

Here she is in her box. Very similar to Mio’s box, only different ^^.

Mugi's stuff
Here is some of the stuff that came with mugi
Mugi's Keyboard
Mugi’s Keyboard

Mugi & Keyboard

Mugi and her Keyboard

Finally, we have Mugi with her keyboard. The keyboard is nice (not nearly as detailed as the Figma one, though)


Mugi-chan's stand

As usual, Mobip doesn’t disappoint with this release. All the joints are smooth, and the paint job is fairly well done.

Mugi-chan with her bag


Mugi-chan is rather cute :3

Mugi is confused

Confused Mugi-chan is Confused

Mio and Mugi

Mio and Mugi

Mugi and Mio

Mugi came with another one of those cardboard inserts of the clubroom inside her box.


Well, that about sums up this review. As I said above, I do hope to get the whole set (availability and funds permitting ^^;;). So, stick around if you want to see moar reviews! Next one will probably be Yui, then finally Ritsu (since you need the first 3 to complete ritsu’s drum set). If interested, there are some more pictures on my flickr that didn’t make it into the post (mainly because there are too many pictures, or they are too out of focus ^^;;)

In other news, Spring break is coming up!! Since I will have a nice amount of time off, maybe some posts will actually make it onto this poor neglected blog-o-mine.

Until then, Peace!!

2 thoughts on “Tsumugi Kotobuki Mobip figure review

  1. Oh it looks similar to the figma ones, but quality less than them of course.
    she still looks nice, have her keyboard, usual self expression =)
    not bad.

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