Mio Akiyama Mobip review

Hello all! I decided to go over to Kinokuniya today to see if I could find some things to waste more money on that I could buy with my hard earned cash. Surely enough, I came across Mio Akiyama by the maker Mobip. Being the K-ON! and Mio fan that I am, I simply had to buy her!

The box

Well, If you were like me, when you saw the pictures from Mobip before these were released, you probably thought “meh”. However, I have to say that I am really satisfied with the way she came out. Hopefully this review will make you consider Mobip as an option when buying figures ^^.


Back of the box

Plastic stuff

Moar plastic stuff

Mobip did a really nice job with her packaging. As I hope you can see, they had some kind of like double-layer thingie with how they packaged her with her accessories. You can see that she came with some of the parts to Ritsu’s drumset.



Mio's Back

Mio wants a hug
Mio wants a hug :3

I really do like this figure allot. It was almost a bit of a surprise to see how much better she looked as compared to mobip’s pictures. I think it might take a look at her in person for somebody to see how good she really is.

The stand

Her stand is very similar to Figma’s. What you might not be able to see in the pictures is that she actually has tiny little sparkles in her hair which I thought was cool.


All of the stuff she comes with.

The Bass
Mio's Bass

The bass, although not having strings, is pretty nice actually.

Mio and Bass

The Clubroom

The box came with this picture of the clubroom inside which I guess you can use as a diorama or something.

Mio & her Bass

She came with this crying face. I thought it was weird at first but it has kinda grown on me.

Mio Crying

The two faces

The only thing I don’t like is that the two of her faces are very similar.

Mio with her bag

Mio with her bag.

Parts to Ritsu's drums

The parts of Ritsu’s drums that came with Mio. They appeared of really good quality, I hope all of Ritsu’s drums are like that ^^.

Mio with her bag.

Well that just about sums up the review. Would I recommend buying this figure? Absolutely. Mobip really did a nice job on her. But, I’m sure most people would want to save their money to get the figma version coming out soon, which I can understand. However, if you are a big K-ON fan, I would recommend getting her. I hope to buy the other Mobip K-ON figures and review them as well, so stick around for a while if you want to see the other girls reviewed!!

That’s it for now ^^.

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