Mio Akiyama Nendoroid!

Gosh, it seems like I was waiting forever for Mio to arrive (about 2 months since ordering T.T). Had some problems with payment and stuff, but everything eventually worked out. I’m just happy she got here safe and sound ^^;;
Mio in her box

Ordered her via HLJ. Despite some payment problems (which was mostly my fault I think ^^;;;;), HLJ provides great service as usual.

Mio nendo

She is so cute!! I’m just so happy to have gotten her! I wont be reviewing her since she has been reviewed to death by now over the internets… However I just had to take a few pictures after unboxing her.

Mio Is happy ^^

Mio and her Bass. I like the amp that she came with.

Mio & Rin

Rin likes the music (^.^)

Rin took Mio's Bass

Rin also likes Mio’s bass!

Rin is happy, Mio is sad.

Rin looks quite good with Mio’s bass if you were to ask me. It doesn’t look like Mio is too happy though ^^;;

Sad mio is Sad

Sad Mio is Sad…

Rin likes the music

Hmm.. can’t figure out which one is cuter ^^;;. They are both so adorable!!!!

anyhow, that pretty much sums up my post. Will have to post more pictures of other nendoroid shenanigans later on.

Untill then, Peace!

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