New blog header!

Huzzah!! I decided to update my blog header today to something more… nendoroid-ish. The old header was a bit boring (sorry, nanako sensei).

Rin, Mio and Reimu together.

I kinda like what I got now. It will probably be changed in the near future though ^^.

Warning, the following contains stuff you probably don’t care about. Read on, but risk getting bored…

Anyhow, I would like to get some more original content on this poor neglected blog of mine. However, as with many people, the problem of time is certainly a huge obstacle. So, I will see what I can conjure up in the coming weeks as for something actually interesting here. I would like to try to keep stuff here original. So many other blogs just report on what other blogs have already posted. I’m not a huge fan of stuff like that, as you can easily just see the original post on the original blog that the article was written in. (Ok, I know Hachune Tunes and the Figma Papercrafts that I have posted earlier are kind of the same thing, but I think I will limit my blogging of other blogs stuff, unless its something awesome).

Anyhow, enough of that stuff. Ciao for now!!

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