At Last! Mobip Ritsu!

Went out and bought mobip Ritsu recently. At last, my mobip K-ON collection is complete! (took long enough ^^;;)

The complete set of mobip K-ON boxes
The whole set!

As usual, I will do a little review of Ritsu to conclude my K-ON mobip review series. More pictures after the jump and on my flickr.

Ritsu in her Box.

Here is Ritsu in her box. Just like the other Mobips, only different ^^.

Ritsu's Packaging

Ritsu in her plastic n’ stuff.

Ritsu's completed drum set

Ritsu’s completed drum set, Which I think is really nicely done. Of course, most of the pieces were from the previous mobips. You see, They give you a piece of the set with each mobip to try to get idiots like me to buy the whole set.


Here is Ritsu hereself. Pretty nice figure, one of the better ones of the set in my opinion.

Ritsu's back and her stand

Ritsu’s back. Unfortunately, as you can probably see from the picture, she came with a minor paint imperfection on her right leg. Luckily its on the back so it isn’t that serious I suppose. She will be posed sitting at her drums most of the time anyway.

Ritsu with her bag.

Ritsu with her schoolbag.

Ritsu's other face


Ritsu holding her drum sticks

Ritsu holding her drum sticks.

Ritsu behind her drum set

Ritsu behind her drum set.

Ritsu and her drum set

Ritsu and her drums

More of Ritsu with her drums.

The clubroom

Heres Ritsu’s drums, Yui’s microphone, and mugi’s keyboard. (the second mic is from my Miku Figma. Figmas and Mobips are about the same size, so you can interchange various accessories.)

The image of the clubroom came in Ritsu’s box, like all the other K-ON mobips.

Yui, Mio, Mugi, and Ritsu together.

And finally, we have the whole gang together. I’m happy that I have the whole set now. These guys will definitely look good displayed together.

The Band




Ritsu with her drums

Well, that’s about it. Since Ritsu is the last of the K-ON mobips, I guess this is the end of the K-ON mobip reviews (no azunyan T.T). Might try some of Mobip’s other figures, so maybe some other Mobip related posts will find their way onto here.

As usual, these are only a fraction of the pictures taken in this review. There are many more pictures which can be found on my flickr. So if you are looking for some more pictures of Ritsu, please visit my flickr.

Thank you for reading! Peace ^^.

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