1k hits!

At last, this little blog of mine makes a tiny step toward awesomeness. That’s right, my blog has finally gotten over 1k hits. Sure, you might say: “Only 1k hits? pfft, my blog gets more than that a day” which is probably true for many fellow bloggers out there. However, I think that it is quite amazing that my blog that I started just for the heck of it has actually gotten over 1000 viewers.

Rin and Mio thank you for 1k hits!

So to celebrate, you get to look at a lovely picture of Rin and Mio thanking you for visiting my blog! If you like what you see on my blog, why not subscribe? Mio and Rin would love you forever if you do <3

Who knows, maybe someday this blog will get over 10k hits. Might take a while though ^^;;. Anyway, that’s all I have to say (other than thank you so much for visiting!)


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