Mitsuwa Marketplace

Hello all! I recently took a ride over to Mitsuwa Marketplace, located in Edgewater New Jersey (right across the river from manhattan). I figured why not take a few pics while I was there ^^.

The sign you see as you enter Mitsuwa

Here is the sign you see as you enter. As you can see, there is also a Japanese Bookstore and Steakhouse here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of them >.<

But trust me, the bookstore and the restaurant are both really good ^^;

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Outside Mitsuwa

Here we are outside the marketplace. As you can see, some of the banners are written in Japanese.

Inside Mitsuwa

Once you enter, you are greeted with these lovely booths which sell the most delicious sweets ^^.

Food Courts in mitsuwa

And here we have the food courts. They have a great selection of hot food you can order.

Food Courts

About to get some food.

Eating Area

Heading over to the eating area, which is really nice due to the fact it has a view of the the River and the City through the large windows. Now that I mention it, I should have taken pics, but forgot >.<

Produce Section of Mitsuwa

After lunch I went to do a bit of shopping, They have a good selection of various japanese products that you can’t get anywhere else. Here we have all of the various Japanese vegetables and what not.



Rice Cookers

Want rice cookers and toaster ovens strait from Japan? Look no further ^^.

Food Counter

Food counter selling assorted fish products.

Teas and Juices

They have a great selection of teas and juices. I love Calpico, I can’t help but buy it every time I’m here ^^

Checkout Counters

Heading out past the checkout counters to look at the sweets they sell at this booth

Melon Pan!

And last but not least, what Japanese market is complete without melonpan? Definitely be sure to grab a few of these if you find your way here ^^.

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