New Theme!

Well, as you might have noticed, my blog got a new theme today! Decided today to update the look a bit so I change the theme from K2 to vigilance. Id say that the new theme looks quite nice actually ^^. I Will probably play around with the fonts and header and widgets and what not as the days progress.

Blog as of August 18, 2010

The header will probably change eventually. Will most likely change it to incorporate more nendos than just Mio (although, Mio does look rather nice ^^;;)

Pictured Below is how the blog looked before:

Blog Theme: K2

So what do you think? Do you like the new theme? or prefer the old one?

2 thoughts on “New Theme!

    • Yea I figured this theme would be better for photos since it allowed more room for bigger photos. I also like how it keeps the widgets on the side, which is what I liked about the old theme.

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