Miku Hatsune Impacts + Vocarhythm

Hello All! Seems I haven’t posted for a while.. so I figured I would show you my recent get/a music related post.

Impacts and Vocarhythm

I picked up the albums Impacts and Vocarhythm featuring Miku Hatsune. Both are really great albums and are highly recommended for any fan of Miku Hatsune.

Miku Hatsune Impacts

Here is the cover of the Impacts album. One thing I love about Japanese albums is that they sometimes include a cover sleeve plus some cool extras inside. Here you can see the cover sleeve of impacts.

Miku Hatsune Impacts

Here is the album without the cover sleeve.

Impacts Disc

Here is the disc itself. I absolutely love the artwork on the disc.

Inside of booklet

Inside of the booklet…

inside of booklet

One of the tracks on the CD is the Levan Polkka (leekspin). This CD has allot of Miku’s hits on it, so naturally the Levan Polkka is on here ^^.

Artwork inside booklet

Some gorgeous artwork. Most likely the work of Kei.

Miku Impacts Poster

An awesome extra that came folded up in the album is this coolsome Miku poster. Will have to try to get the fold marks out of it and hang it up somewhere ^^.

Miku Hatsune Impacts Tracks.

Here are the tracks on the album. As you can see, the album contains many of Miku’s hits.


Up next is the album Vocarhythm, which contains more gorgeous artwork on the cover sleeve.

Miku Hatsune Vocarhythm

Same artwork on the booklet as on the cover sleeve.

Vocarhythm Disc

More gorgeous artwork on the CD.

Inside the Booklet

A peek inside the cover booklet. You just have to love the artwork. Makes me want to pick up Kei’s artbook.

Cover Booklet

Some advert I guess with some lovely 2d girls.

Vocarhythm Sticker

The album comes with this sticker of the album cover art. Will have to find a nice place to stick this ^^.

My Miku Hatsune music collection.

Here is my collection of Miku Hatsune albums so far ^^.

If you are wondering, the Delicious album is pretty good. Highly recommended along with Impacts and Vocarhythm if you are a fan of Miku ^^.

(Want a few more pictures? Head over to my flickr and check out the rest!)

3 thoughts on “Miku Hatsune Impacts + Vocarhythm

  1. I saw those albums at a game shop quite far from where I live. But the price was too much for me. $43 is nearly two weeks of my allowance ._.

    Nevertheless, they seem to be nice albums,so I might consider saving up for them…

    • Wow, $43 is pretty expensive! I don’t think I payed that much when I got these. I wonder if you can order them online somewhere… Anyway, yea they are very nice albums. If you had to get one of them I would get Impacts ^^.

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