1st year anniversary!!!

That’s right! 1 year ago on this day, I made my first official post here on this blog. Doesn’t seem like its been a whole year already, but surely enough, September 13th marks the start of this blog of mine ^^. Theoretically, August 31st is when I created the blog, but everything wasn’t quite running untill September 13th when I made my first official post. So i guess this blogs anniversary can be either celebrated on Aug. 31st or Sept. 13th (which is interesting because 31 backwards is 13. Weird!). I guess it will be September 13th from now on ^^.

The first blog header here.

Well, here we have this blogs first header. Its kind of bland & primitive, I know ^^;;. I don’t have a picture of what the whole blog looked like at this time so it’s just the first header for now ^^.

Blog Early 2010.

And here we have the blog header that came after the one featuring nanako sensei. Blog is definatly more nendo-ish that the previous version. Had this theme going for quite a while in early 2010 up until recently when the blog theme changed.

Blog as of August 18 2010

And here we have the theme that I changed to on August 18th. Will probably keep this theme for a while. The header was something I threw together quick ^^.

Blog September 13th 2010

And at last we have the current blog updated today, September 13th, 2010! The header features moar nendos than before. I really like the header this time! Will probably stick with this one for a while. This header definitely took the most time to create, but I think it was worth it. What do you think?

Anyhow, Happy Anniversary Blog-of-mine! I find it interesting to see the evolution of this blog over the past year. Who knows what it will look like in a year from now… I hope to keep this blog running for as long as I can ^^. With almost 2k hits, this blog is getting more hits then I ever expected ^^.

Working on headerWorking on Blog Header

Figured I would show you a bit of behind-the-scenes action ^^. Here I am working on the Header you see today. Took more work than I thought ^^.


2 thoughts on “1st year anniversary!!!

  1. Woah, congrats 😀 I’m not even half a year old yet ._. But my blog was like 3 years old at Blogger before I made the move, thank god I did that.

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary ! Have some cake or something =w=

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