Headphone Girls ; A Pictorial Book

If you’re like me, then you find 2D girls wearing headphones oddly fascinating. I’m sure many of you who like Headphone Girls (or often called Headphone Musume) have seen lovely images of girls wearing headphone around the interwebs. There is just something incredibly cool (and attractive) about girls wearing headphones. Apparently there are other people who think so as well, so much so that there has been a book containing lovely 2D girlies wearing headphones. Needless to say, I bought it ^^. So I will do a short review of the book:

Headphone Girls

Here we have the cover. Inside the book there is a poster of the cover girl and 3 other posters with girls front and back. Unfortunately I didn’t get a change to snap photos of the posters. But trust me, they are nice (I have them all hanging up in my room ^^)

Anime Headphone Girls Book

The premise of the book is that they review various headphones from ‘beginner’ headphones to ‘High-End’ headphones. With each headphone they review they provide a lovely picture of a 2D girl wearing them. The reviews are probably very useful, except they are all in Japanese. Since my knowledge of Japanese is very limited, I bought the book mostly for the pictures ^^;

Anime Headphone Girls Book

And as you can see the pictures are rather lovely. You can also see how they rate the headphones based on specs, different types of music played through them, and what they recommend you should use them for. Shame I can’t read most of it…

Anime Headphone Girls Book

More lovely pictures…

Anime Headphone Girls Book

Anime Headphone Girls Book

Anime Headphone Girls Book

At the back of the book they have a special interview with Nobuo Uematsu. Really wish I could read it…

Headphone Musume

Some manga they have at the back about headphones i presume.

Overall I really love this book and highly recommend it to anybody who loves headphone girls. It probably is more useful for those who can fully read Japanese, but for those who can’t you can always look at the pictures like I do ^^.

You can pick up the book for about US$30 at Animebooks.

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Might as well share the headphones that I use while we’re on the topic. These are made by AKG and are the K-240 model. They aren’t nessisarily the most stylish headphones in the world, but they sound really nice for only about US$100 and don’t require a separate amplifier. Would really love to have the AKG K-701’s, but they are a tad expensive.

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  1. Hey… Just wanna know what’s the model of the headphone. The one that the girl is wearing on the cover page..

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