Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star X Street Fighter.

Ive been wanting to post pictures of this lovely set but never seemed to get around to it ^^;;. Been rather busy hence the lack of posts… But anyway, today I finally get to do a mini-review of the Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star X Street Fighter set!

Lucky Star X Street Fighter set

Here we have the back of the box. As you can the set has the 4 main Lucky Star characters cosplaying as characters from Street Fighter.

Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star X Street Fighter Set.

And here we have the girls themselves. We have Konata cosplaying as Guile, Kagami cosplaying as Ryu, Miyuki cosplaying as Crimson Viper, and Tsukasa cosplaying as Ken.

Konata as Guile

First up we have Konata cosplaying as Guile. As you can see the did a very nice job of combining the two characters.

Konata as Guile

Konata also comes with another set of arms, and thanks to her bendable knee you can pose her in a kneeling pose without needing her stand.

Kagami as Ryu

Next we have Kagami cosplaying as Ryu. This one has to be my favorite of the whole set, maybe its because Kagami is my favourite lucky star character ^^;. I think Kagami looks good in Ryu’s outfit. Watch out for her Hadouken…

Kagami as Ryu

Unfortunatley there is one thing I don’t like about her, and thats her stand. It’s very hard to get her to stand up strait on the stand she comes with, almost as if she is too big for the stand that they provide. Its not terrible, but it would have been nicer if they made a better stand for her.

Miyuki as Crimson Viper

Up next is the lovely Miyuki cosplaying as Crimson Viper. I think Crimson’s outfit looks rather nice on Miyuki ^^.

Miyuki as Crimson Viper

Unfortunately Miyuki is plagued by the same problem Kagami had, only this time its worse. The closest you can get her to standing up strait is to have her moved back and her stand skewed like in the picture. Maybe I’m just too used to stand being strait up and down, but somehow it just doesn’t feel right to have to do this to have her stand strait. Once again, they should have included a better stand.

Tsukasa as Ken

Last but not least, we have Tsukasa cosplaying as Ken.

Tsukasa's stand problem

Sadly, Tsukasa is hit with yet another problem with her stand. This time, the peg that goes into her back was to big to fit in her back. I remember trying everything to see if I could get the peg to fit, but with no avail.

Kagami fixing Tsukasa

But as you could tell from the first picture, I did get the stand to fit eventually. However, getting it to fit required some ‘surgery’. Luckily Kagami was here to help me out…

Kagami fixing Tsukasa

What I did was I took an x-acto knife and carefully shaved off some of the PVC inside where the peg is supposed to fit. I shaved off just enough for the peg to fit comfortably inside. Now, If you are going to attempt this, be Very Careful!! Take it slow, and constantly check to see if the peg is fitting or not. You can always shave some more off, but if you cut too much and the hole ends up too big you can’t really do anything from there.

Tsukasa and Miyuki

Thanks to the quick ‘surgery’, Tsukasa fits in her stand as she should!

Kagami and Konata

Despite the stand woes, I really do like this set. The quality of the figures themselves is superb, as expected from goodsmile.

Unfortunately I think this set is out of circulation, but I think you can still buy from some places (I got mine at the New York Comic Con). Be sure to buy it before its gone completely!

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