Mirai Figma

mirai figma

Finally getting around to uploading pictures of GETS that I’ve had over the past (year?) or so. Hopefully I’ll getting around to upload pics of some other figures that I’ve gotten more recently. Anyway, after seeing the recent announcement of the mirai nendoroid, I decided to take a some pics of my Mirai figma that I bought back in (september?). Anyway, enjoy the pics!

mirai figma

After reading dannychoo.com for such a long time, it’s nice to have a figure of the site mascot Mirai Suenaga. Love the orange uniform.

Mirai Figma Back

mirai Figma crying face

She comes with one other face, which is a crying face, complete with handkerchief. Cute but heartbreaking!

Haruhi and Mirai Figma

Haruhi has a tendency to make other girls cry ^^

mirai figma with her laptop

Another cool thing about this figure is she comes with a little figma-sized laptop.

Kirino Figma

Hmmm…. I wonder what Kirino’s looking at on mirai’s laptop? Probably best we not see ^^

Mirai figma

Mirai also comes this most cutesome mirai dolfie.

Mirai Figma

Between her camera and laptop, Mirai looks like she runs her own blog!

Mirai Figma with Camera

Thanks for looking! じゃね!

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