Desk Diary : August 2016

Otaku Room 2016Hard to believe it, but it’s been over a year since I’ve made a proper desk diary here on my blog. It can definitely be hard to find time to clean, and dusting all the figures off takes literally forever these days. But I had some time the other day to clean things around the house, and since I’m overdue to make a room post, I figured it was time to make a desk diary!

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Random Figure Photos 3

Nendoroid Miku Append

I’ve been wanting to do posts like this every month or so but never really got around to it ^^. Today we take a look at mostly a bunch of random figure photos taken over the past few months. We start off with Miku Append, I don’t I’ve ever uploaded any pictures of her. Definitely a nice nendoroid.

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Random Figure Photos 2

Nendoroid Snow Miku

Dumping some random figure photos that I’ve taken over the past month or so. I’m thinking I might make this a regular thing, maybe posting a dump of random photos of figures every month.

Haven’t posted pictures of Snow Miku in a long time… and since winter is coming it seemed only right to start off with a pic of her.

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Nendoroid Storage

Stack of Nendoroid Boxes

One problem I’ve encountered as my nendo collection grew bigger over time was how to manage all the parts that come with them. I used to store them in their boxes, but it got to the point where it was a pain to take out the box and remove the parts. As you can see, my stack of nendoroid boxes is starting to grow tall ^^. This made it a pain to have to remove a box from the stack and open it up, then have to put it back again. Continue reading

Mirai Figma

mirai figma

Finally getting around to uploading pictures of GETS that I’ve had over the past (year?) or so. Hopefully I’ll getting around to upload pics of some other figures that I’ve gotten more recently. Anyway, after seeing the recent announcement of the mirai nendoroid, I decided to take a some pics of my Mirai figma that I bought back in (september?). Anyway, enjoy the pics! Continue reading

Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 Box

At long last, I got myself a DSLR! After renting the 60D which I used for the past two posts I decided it was definitely time to get myself a good camera. After saving up some cash, I made the jump and purchased a Nikon D5100. I’ve been wanting to post more on here, but I really wanted to upgrade to a better camera first.

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