Nendoroid Storage

Stack of Nendoroid Boxes

One problem I’ve encountered as my nendo collection grew bigger over time was how to manage all the parts that come with them. I used to store them in their boxes, but it got to the point where it was a pain to take out the box and remove the parts. As you can see, my stack of nendoroid boxes is starting to grow tall ^^. This made it a pain to have to remove a box from the stack and open it up, then have to put it back again. Nendoroid Storage Container

This is what I ended up settling on, one of these plastic containers with adjustable compartments. I picked this one up at the container store, and it seemed like the perfect fit!

Nendoroid Storage

As you can see, nendoroid faces fit perfectly inside the compartments. The compartments have adjustable walls that you can slot in to adjust the width of the compartment. This is perfect for nendoroids since they vary by how many things they include.

Nendoroid Storage Bags in Plastic Case

It’s also a good idea, as I found out, to keep the little bags that some nendoroid parts come in. They come in handy when you want to keep hands, arms, and small parts contained so they don’t rattle around too much & get scratched.

Nedoroid Storage

This is perfect for nendoroid popura since she comes with so many arms ^^.

Figma Bags

As for figmas, I find the bags included sufficient enough for storage. It’s nice that they come with their own storage bags, makes it easier to store their especially small parts. Here you can see I keep all the bags in their own drawer for safekeeping. Also got nendoroid Disappearance Haruhi’s long hair in here, as it’s too big to fit in the storage bins shown above ^^.

Broken Azusa Nendoroid Neck Joint

Speaking of nendoroid parts, had Azusa’s neck joint break on me shortly after doing my photoshoot in Central Park last week T_T. Good thing the joint didn’t break when I had her outside since I didn’t have any tools with me.

Fixing Broken Nendoroid Joint

Getting a nendoroid joint out can be difficult. In this case I used some needle-nose pliers to yank it out. Squeeze on the pliers hard so that they don’t keep slipping out. If pliers don’t work and you can’t get a grip on the joint, then it’s best you break out a drill (with a small drill bit, smaller than the width of the joint) and drill into the joint. You then should be able to pull it out with the drill if you have drilled a decent amount into the joint (be sure not to drill too much into the face itself!)

Fixing Broken Nendoroid Neck Joint

This was much harder to pull out than the joint on the face, almost had to get the drill out ^^. For some reason azunyan’s joint seemed to be a really tight fit (in both the body and the face). Probably why the joint broke in the first place, couldn’t handle the tension. Probably doesn’t help that I used her on Yuki’s body, but all nendoroid parts are usually interchangeable.

Fixing Broken Nendoroid Neck Joint

Here’s the broken joint, fully removed from poor azunyan. The good thing about nendoroids is that (almost) all neck joints are the same. I’m not going to salvage this joint, as I’ll just grab another joint from a different face. Should you need to salvage the joint, super glue usually does the trick, but be careful not do superglue the articulating part! I would recommend just grabbing another joint from another face (usually each face comes with it’s own joint), as superglue can be a pain to work with.

New York Comic Con 2012 Ticket

In other news, the New York Comic Con is this week!! I’m super excited, as GoodSmile Company is going to have a booth at the show, and DannyChoo is set to speak at the show as well!

Anybody else out there going? I’ll be going on Friday + Saturday, look forward to pics!

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    • One method I like to use is to articulate the joint forwards/sideways so you can get a better grip on it. I then rotate it back and forth while trying to pull it out slightly which usually does the trick. If that fails you can try pliers, but be careful! Pull gently, and get some paper towels or napkins to put in between the joint and the pliers to avoid any damage that the pliers might make.

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