Building NYC

NYC Diorama BuildOnce and a while, whenever I build a diorama for my figure photos, I like to post some behind-the-scenes photos as people seem to enjoy looking at them. Usually I’ll just post a pic or two, but for more involved builds I try to document my process a bit more so I can share it around. Photographing in-progress work not only helps me, as it gives me a reference incase I forget how I did something, but it also hopefully helps others and maybe provides a bit of inspiration for you all to try it yourself!

Today we’re going to look at a diorama project that I’ve been slaving away at for the past few weeks.

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Building Honnouji Academy

Those of you who have been following me for a while probably know by now that I’m a huge Kill la Kill fan. Needless to say I was pretty excited once the Fight Club Mako nendoroid came out, and once I got my hands on her, I knew I wanted to do something special.

So I made Honnouji Academy.
This post is mostly behind the scenes pics of how I made my Honnouji Academy set. I didn’t realized exactly how involved this build would be, but I’m pretty happy with the result!

Let’s get started!
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How to spot a fake nendoroid

I’ve been wanting to make a guide like this for a while, so at last here it is! Today we’re going to be reviewing how to spot and avoid fake nendoroids. Those who are new to nendoroid buying might fall victim to counterfeit/bootleg nendoroids. Don’t let that be you! This page will hopefully be of use for anyone who wants to avoid purchasing a bootleg nendoroid.

How to Spot a Fake Nendoroid

Let’s get started. In my hands I have two Miku Hatsune nendoroids. One of them is real, and one is fake. Can you spot which one is fake?

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Nendoroid Storage

Stack of Nendoroid Boxes

One problem I’ve encountered as my nendo collection grew bigger over time was how to manage all the parts that come with them. I used to store them in their boxes, but it got to the point where it was a pain to take out the box and remove the parts. As you can see, my stack of nendoroid boxes is starting to grow tall ^^. This made it a pain to have to remove a box from the stack and open it up, then have to put it back again. Continue reading

‘Nendoroid Planet’ iPhone app mini-guide

Nendoroid Planet iPhone App

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Goodsmile Company came out recently with an iphone app titled Nendoroid Planet. Being an avid nendoroid fan, I was overjoyed to hear that there was now an app featuring nendoroids. I downloaded the app right away and began playing with it. So I though I might as well post something highlighting the app and giving a mini-guide on how to operate the app and play the game.

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