Desk Update : September 2013

Otaku Desk 09/2013

Quite a few things have changed since my last desk update so I figured it was time to share some photos of the changes so far!

Figure Shelf

The biggest change I’ve made was installing some new shelving above my desk. As usual I picked up the materials for Ikea, using metal brackets for support and unfinished wood for shelving along with LED lights to illuminate the figures. The Ikea Dioder LED lights work very well for this purpose, they are very thin and since they are LED they produce minimal heat and use little electricity.


Ikea LED Shelf lights


Installation was fairly easy, just had to make sure to measure to get the spacing right.

Figure Shelf

The end result was pretty satisfying. I initially started with two shelves but ended up buying a third to light up the figmas on the 2nd shelf.

Otaku Desk 09/2013

Of course one of the main reasons I got the new shelves was because of limited space to display new figures.

Otaku Desk 09/2013

One of the most recent Gets was figma Asuna, which ended up being a nicer figure than I thought.

Kanetsugu Figure

I seem to have a thing for the Hyakka Ryouran figures. They are all so pretty! Kanetsugu is definitely one of my favorites.

Nendoroid Storage

With more figures comes the challenge of not only finding room to display the figure, but also where to keep the parts / boxes. For nendoroid / misc parts I use these dividable boxes which are perfect for fitting nendoroid joints, faces, and accessories. You can find out more on my nendoroid storage post.

nendoroid storage

For figure parts that are too large to fit inside the plastic boxes I use these plastic drawers. This one looks like it’s almost full!

Figure box storage

One of the biggest problem of living in a small space is finding space for figure boxes. Part of the reason for buying a third shelf was for more space to put boxes. How do you deal with all your figure boxes?

Otaku Desk 09/2013

Rin and Akari keep my company on my desk. I’m starting to think I have a thing for twintails.

Nendoroid Display

Not much has changed on my bookshelf, besides a few new nendoroids.


Homu homu

Nendoroid Yune

Wagnaria Nendoroid Play Set

Still waiting for Working!! season 3.

Nendoroid Shelf

Nendoroid Shelf

Otaku Desk 09/2013

That about sums up this desk update. Hopefully I can keep this a regular thing, maybe post it every few months or so. Hope you enjoyed looking at photos of my office!


15 thoughts on “Desk Update : September 2013

  1. I really like how you set up your collection in this manner. Additional shelves on top of your desktop means you have more space to fill up with figures hehe. It’s really great to have nendoroid parts organized. You should work on those cables under the table. 😉

    I wish I can do this to my room, or if only we have extra room in our house. My figures are still inside their boxes, and haven’t figure out how and where to display. I’m planning to have customized glass display cab for my figures because our place tends to get so dusty.

    • Haha yeah the cables are on my list as far as organizing, although figures and other things get top priority 🙂 . Hopefully you can get a glass display case, having figures out in the open like I have them makes dusting a nightmare.

  2. Thats a nice improvemt, the natural wood shelves and the warm white light creates an harmonic scenery. A comfy looking room overall, a two display workspace.

    storing boxes is the biggest problem for a figure collectors, I put them in the cellar, thx parents ^^

  3. Well I’m new with your website, and enjoyed reading your post.
    I really love the color scheme of your room, and funny, we have the exact same manekineko! haha but yeah, how often do you clean those figures? Mine can get dusty in about a week in the open. I bought a new glass shelf just for that. Though I still think they look really good in the open.. I just get tired of cleaning them once a month, so I had to put em in the glass shelf.
    I’ve been thinking to throw away the boxes, but I don’t have the heart for it. So I Store them in the storageroom ~ where else do you keep your boxes?

    • Thanks for the comment! Usually I like to clean them every 2-3 weeks, although it can end up being every month if I’m too busy to dust them all. While I like the look of having figures out in the open, yeah the dust is a real pain to deal with.

      The majority of my figure boxes are stacked away in a corner, which as it turns out took much time a patience to stack them just right to optimize space. Like you said I don’t have the heart to get rid of the boxes (plus they help with resale value) so I’m going to have to keep devising ways to store my boxes.

  4. Amazing collection! And artistic collocation, too!

    Hmm. Just curious, how long that you have been collecting those figures? Are you buying those periodically?

    And a … I heard “reselling”, but how often you do that and what is your main consideration for reselling your precious collection?

    • Thanks! I’ve been collecting figures for about Five years now, so my current collection is the end result of buying figures periodically over that time. While part of the reason I keep my boxes is to help with resale value, another huge part is they are good to have if I need to transport my figures around (for moving, outdoor photos, etc). At the moment I don’t have any real plans to sell any of my figures. Usually I’m pretty picky about which figures I buy so almost all of the figures I have I like so I’m not really planning on selling any time soon.

  5. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Can you make nendoroids sit? I’ve been seeing the pictures of sitting nendoroids! And I, as a newbie, think it’s possible, then I tried it and failed. The nendoroid leg joint cannot have sitting pose… can it??

    I’m really curious.

  6. This is a beautiful room! May I ask what kind of desk/table you have? I’m looking for one of similar style to yours.

    • The glass table top is a GLASHOLM top from IKEA, though I’m pretty sure they don’t make the frosted glass anymore :(. The legs are the ODDVALD legs from IKEA as well

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