Nighttime Figure Photoshoot

A Night With a View : Figure Photo Shoot

Continuing in my outdoor photoshoot series, today we take a step out into the night to snap some pictures.


Walking around waiting for the sun to set and scouting for a good spot. A night photoshoot is something that I’ve never done, but have certainly always wanted to. I figured the most interesting way to do a night photoshoot would be to use Manhattan as a backdrop because of all the city light. This brings us across the hudson river to New Jersey, which has a stellar view of Manhattan.

Shiozaki Haruno

Finally the sun sets, making for a beautiful view!

VN Miku

Going into this I wasn’t too sure how the photos would turn out. Overall I’m satisfied with the result. I don’t have that much experience doing night shots, hopefully I can get some more under my belt and get better!

VN miku

Recently picked up VN02 Miku, which is a gorgeous figure! Loved taking pictures of her.

VN Miku 5

Nendoroid Tooko

This might be my favorite picture from the set

VN Miku 2

Empire State Building at Night

If you were to ask me I think NJ has the best view of Manhattan, definitely worth the trip across the river.

Shiozaki Night

Shiozaki seems to fit perfectly in this setting.

Nighttime Figure Photo Shoot

In order to take these pictures I had to balance the figures up on this railing. To add some stabilization I taped this cardboard box hoping it wouldn’t fall over. I tried to make sure the figures were stable, but unfortunately a strong gust of wind came when I was photographing VN02 Miku and it blew her off! Luckily there were some weeds in front of the fence and when she fell she wasn’t damaged, but I almost had a heart attack!

VN miku

Luckily there were no casualties from the photo shoot. Next time I’ll see if I can find a better method or location to shoot from so I can keep my figures damage free!

Night view

It started to get late so it’s time to head home. I found this park after scouting out locations to shoot and it turned out to be perfect. Had a few curious onlookers while I was photographing as the park was rather packed even late at night.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for looking~

12 thoughts on “Nighttime Figure Photoshoot

  1. The shot with Nendoroid Touko is my favorite! It’s very peaceful and pretty with the bokeh from the skyline. Were these pictures taken from Liberty State Park?

    I’m glad your Miku figure didn’t get damaged from the fall. One thing you can do in the future is get some gaffer tape and tape the figure’s base directly to whatever surface you set it on. Gaffer tape will form a strong bond, but comes off cleanly even after a long time.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yeah gaffer tape would have probably worked better, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that ^^;. Next time I’ll definitely bring a roll of tape with me so I don’t have any broken figures. I took the pictures at Weehawken waterfront park since it has a nice really nice view of midtown, maybe I’ll do a shoot at liberty state park sometime in the future.

  2. New York, that makes sense 😉

    It looks lovely with the thousands of blurred lights, Amano Tooko might be my favorite as well, on par with Shiozaki. Next time you should get better tape, more trustworthy after all.

    • The lights definitely make for a nice effect; Tooko and Shiozaki were definitely my favorites from the set. Yeah next time I’ll be using lots of tape, I certainly learned my lesson ^^

  3. Outdoor photos is incredibly beautiful for figure photo shoot but there’s dangers to it. Oh God, when I saw your Behind-the-scene photo it looks unstable and scary :'(
    I’m glad that your VN02 didn’t get any damage. If it happened to me I think I’m gonna get a heart attack.

    Toko Amano and the 10th photo (Shiozaki) is my favorite, beautiful.. just beautiful. 🙂

    • Glad you liked the pictures! Yeah outdoor photos have great results but there is always the hazard of damaging the figures in the process. I almost had a heart attack when my VN02 miku fell over but thank heavens there were some weeds to cushion her fall. I tried to keep the figures stable but next time I’ll be ultra careful and bring a bunch of tape with me to make sure the figures won’t move.

  4. Oh wow, the bokeh with the city skyline looks pretty darn neat! My favorite photo would have to be the second Shiozaki shoot, indeed a good fit.

    My suggestion for doing outdoor shoots is: take some friends along!

    • Shiozaki definitely seems to fit well in outdoor slice-of-life scenes, definitely a great figure to photograph outdoors. I’ll definitely be sure to bring some friends along next time, I’m sure it would be more fun that way!

  5. Woowww nice pictures, and what a stroke of luck with Miku there ahaha!

    And glad to find another person who loves Touko too! I think she is soooo amazing Nendo that =3

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