New York Comic Con 2013 : Friday

NYCC 2013 Sasha Braus Cosplay

At long last, it’s that time of the year! That’s right, it’s comic con season. Just got back from the convention, sorted through & edited over 200 pictures. So here I’ll share some pictures from NYCC 2013 : Friday.

Above photo is of a lovely Sasha Braus cosplay by Ami Fonseca, you can find the photo without the text here.

NYCC 2013

Going back a few hours, arrive bright and early before they opened only to be greeted with a huge queue! No biggie, it didn’t last that long anyway.

NYCC 2013 Friday
Sorry for poor quality, took with my phone

Arriving at the entrance, so many people! Never expected this many to get here this early, but after all Comic Con is serious business.

NYCC 2013 Friday

Main hall filling up rather quickly.

NYCC Hatsune Miku Concert Screening

Started off the day with a screening of a Hatsune Miku / VOCALOID concert. CEO of crypton future media gives us an intro.

Hatsune Miku
Good selection of VOCALOID tracks for the screening.

NYCC Back to the Future DeLorean

Heading back out to the floor, looks like a visitor from the past!

GoodSmile Company Booth  NYCC 2013

Was rather excited to find GoodSmile back again this year! Some more photos from their booth below:

Mikasa Nendoroid

Lots of Attack on Titan merchandise on display.

Mikasa Figma

Attack on Titan Figma

Attack on Titan Nendoroid

Nendoroids NYCC


Madoka Figure

Feyris Nyan Nendoroid


Homura Figure

Homu Homu

Miku Figure


Bow down to your master

NYCC art

Walking around ‘The Block’, Saw some cool artwork that this guy was painting.

Iron Man Figures

Lots of cool iron man figures

Iron Man figure

NYCC Gaming

Some sort of gaming team I imagine… forget which game they were playing.

Tokyo Otaku Mode Booth

Tokyo Otaku Mode had a booth at the show.

Anime Art

Motion Comics

This was pretty neat to check out, it’s comics that have motion within the panels. Seems like a cool concept.


Cute 2D Girls always help sell things.

NYCC 2013 Cosplay

Walking around in the lobby to check out some of the cosplayers.

NYCC 2013 Cosplay

NYCC 2013 Dragon Ball Cosplay

NYCC 2013 Kakashi Cosplay

Sasha Braus Cosplay


Anime Wallscrolls

Heading back into the dealers area to check out what anime merc they had. Lots of wallscrolls at this booth.

Anime Figures NYCC 2013

Also lots of figures. Very tempting to spend lots of money.

Anime Figures NYCC

Trading Figures NYCC 2013

Lots of booths selling figures had a good selection of trading figures.


This booth was lewd.

Anime Figures NYCC

NYCC 2013 Gundam Cosplay

Pretty legit Gundam Cosplay

TF2 Cosplay NYCC

In case you didn’t know I’m a huge TF2 fan, love playing it!

NYCC Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay

Awesome FMA Cosplay! Some more cosplay below:

NYCC Deadpool Cosplay

NYCC Beauty and the beast cosplay


NYCC Cosplay

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

NYCC Mad Moxxi Cosplay 2013

NYCC Cosplay 2013

NYCC Cosplay 2013

Mega Blocks Booth

That’s a lot of blocks…

Daisuki Booth

Checking out the Daisuki booth, looks like they had a signing going on with Shin Sasaki

Madoka Figures

Some banpresto Madoka figures


Meanwhile, outside the convention…

NYCC 2013 Daft punk cosplay.

Daft punk!

NYCC 2013

Moving along the convention floor…

Power Ranger Cosplay

NYCC 2013 Attack on Titan Cosplay

Some nice Attack on Titan Cosplay

NYCC Female Titan Cosplay

Attack on titan was pretty popular this year…

NYCC Mikasa & Eren Cosplay

These two did a great job with their costumes.

Attack on Titan Cosplayers

The multiple Attack on Titan cosplayers started to gather together for a group picture.

Attack on Titan Group Cosplay NYCC

Quite a few of them as you can see!

NYCC 2013 Attack on Titan Cosplay

Makes for a nice group

NYCC Attack on titan Cosplay

Love the cleaning Levi Cosplay

NYCC 2013 Attack on titan Cosplay

Attack on Titan Cosplay NYCC 2013

Suddenly, a titan!

NYCC Attack on titan Cosplay

NYCC Attack on Titan Cosplay

Attack on Titan Cosplay Group NYCC 2013

Naruto Cosplay

Once the SnK group dispersed it was time to look at some other cosplays.

Assassin's Creed Cosplay

Some awesome Assassin’s Creed cosplay.

NYCC Cosplay 2013

These costumes were gorgeous. Anyone know which characters they are cosplaying as?

NYCC Cosplay 2013

Doc Ock Cosplay

Watamote Banner


Sword Art Online Cosplay

NYCC Tomb Raider Cosplay

Halo Cosplay NYCC 2013



Metal Gear Cosplay NYCC 2013

NYCC despicable me Cosplay

Cute Dispicable Me Cosplay!

Storm Cosplay NYCC 2013

NYCC 2013 Cosplay

Wonder Wobear NYCC 2013

Best cosplay by far!

NYCC 2013 Friday

And on that note, thus ends Day 1 of NYCC 2013! Be sure to check out my photos from Saturday and Sunday convention as well.

You can find all these photos posted with high res on my flickr for those who are interested. If any cosplayers saw their photo here and what a full resolution photo feel free to comment here or email me at and I’d be happy to give it to you! If you’re a cosplayer and see your photo here I’d be happy to credit you, just comment or contact me and I’ll add your name!

See you all tomorrow!


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  1. Damn, wish I could be there. You got some great photos – getting cosplay pics is my favorite part of the con experience! Glad to see the Attack on Titan community is well-represented too. I’ll have to agree that hairy Wonder Woman is the best cosplay so far 😀

  2. Above photo is of a lovely Sasha Braus cosplayer (didn’t get a name!), you can find the photo without the text here.

    This is my niece, Ami Fonseca. Check out her facebook page for more amazing photos of her.

  3. Nice post, I loved all the photos. I like seeing cosplay snapshots from conventions since they are little more candid. Really excited about the Attack on Titan figures!! So glad they were on display~

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