Otakon 2016

Otakon 2016As the summer starts to wind down, the beginning of August brings not only hot & humid weather, but also the largest anime convention on the East Coast. As almost 30,000 congoers tried to cool down with some ice cold water (for only $1), Otakon 2016 started up without a hitch this past weekend!

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New York Comic Con 2013 : Friday

NYCC 2013 Sasha Braus Cosplay

At long last, it’s that time of the year! That’s right, it’s comic con season. Just got back from the convention, sorted through & edited over 200 pictures. So here I’ll share some pictures from NYCC 2013 : Friday.

Above photo is of a lovely Sasha Braus cosplay by Ami Fonseca, you can find the photo without the text here.

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