NYCC 2015

NYCC 2015It’s hard to believe how fast time flies- but it’s already that time of year, time for the one and only New York Comic Con! This is my sixth year attending NYCC (I’m starting to feel old!) and it still amazes me how much this convention has grown over the years. I remember when you could just walk up to the convention and buy tickets, which is such a huge difference compared to today when the whole convention sells out in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, as the convention continues to grow, the anime content always seems to get less and less each year. For someone who really only cares about Anime & other similar media, NYCC does seem to be getting less and less relevant. But even so, it’s simply a convention that I can’t find myself missing, and I always seem to have a good time regardless.

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New York Comic Con 2014 : Thursday & Friday

NYCC 2014 ThursdayOnce again it’s that magical time of the year that is the New York Comic Con! For the first time I got a four day pass and am planning on attending all four days, which can seem pretty intense. Here are a few photos form the shenanigans that happened the first two days. Continue reading

Kill la Kill nendoroids: Mako and Ryuko

Kill la Kill nendoroid

Probably my most anticipated figure order for the month, maybe even the year, are the Kill la Kill nendoroids. After a long wait, Mako and Ryuko arrived in the mail just yesterday! I just couldn’t wait to get out and shoot with them since I’m a huge fan of the series, plus these two are just so adorable!

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Another Rainy Day

Rainy DayI’ve always loved rainy days, there’s just something about the aura of rain that creates a nice mood. Now that springtime is upon us it’s time for more rain to bring all the plants and flowers back to life.

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New York Comic Con 2013 : Friday

NYCC 2013 Sasha Braus Cosplay

At long last, it’s that time of the year! That’s right, it’s comic con season. Just got back from the convention, sorted through & edited over 200 pictures. So here I’ll share some pictures from NYCC 2013 : Friday.

Above photo is of a lovely Sasha Braus cosplay by Ami Fonseca, you can find the photo without the text here.

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