Kill la Kill nendoroids: Mako and Ryuko

Kill la Kill nendoroid

Probably my most anticipated figure order for the month, maybe even the year, are the Kill la Kill nendoroids. After a long wait, Mako and Ryuko arrived in the mail just yesterday! I just couldn’t wait to get out and shoot with them since I’m a huge fan of the series, plus these two are just so adorable!

Ryuko and Mako nendoroidLoved the big red text on the clear plastic of their boxes, thought that was a cool touch

Matoi Ryuko nendoroidReally happy with how the nendoroids came out, they’re really nicely done

Mako Mankanshoku nendoroidMako is especially cute!

Matoi Ryuko nendoroidFeels like forever since I’ve been out doing figure photography.. over the summer I sold my old camera so I could upgrade to a better one which I’ve been wanting for a while. Will probably post more test shots and such in a different post, but this was a great opportunity to get out and get used to using the camera for figure photography!

ryuko nendoroidRyuko looks surprisingly good in nendoroid form

Ryuko & Mako NendoroidRyuko and Mako are such a cute dynamic duo

Kill la Kill nendoroidsSurprise!

Mako and Ryuko nendoroidsAdorable!

Matoi Ryuko Nendoroid

Ryuko nendoroidNeedless to say I’m in love with these two nendoroids! I’ve only had them for less than a full day and I already want to get out and shoot more with them. Too bad the satsuki nendoroid doesn’t come out until October as she’s my all time favorite character. Can’t wait to get the whole set together!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for looking~

8 thoughts on “Kill la Kill nendoroids: Mako and Ryuko

  1. These are two expressive little Nendoroids, I also think that they are super adorable.
    Matoi looks awesome in her outfit and I love her expressions, especially the angry face, so cool (*^▽^)/
    Mako looks so friendly, her arms are actually bendable as far as I remember.

  2. I’ve got my Mako in my HLJ private warehouse for now, but decided to skip Ryuko and Satsuki. Are you using anything to keep Ryuko upright? I’m surprised she wasn’t blown over outside. 🙂

    • Usually what I try to do is photograph her at an angle that hides her stand arm behind her back. Otherwise what I do is use the magic of photoshop and edit out her stand arm so it looks like she’s standing upright.

  3. It seems that everyone went crazy over these two the last couple weeks on my twitter stream. Either they were in angst they hadn’t received them or in cloud nine with them in hand.

    Mako fits into the nendoroid format spectacularly, if there is one character that fits it is her.

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