Otakon 2014

Otakon 2014Phew, what a weekend! Following my previous post, we’re going to look at some more of the wonderful cosplay seen at Otakon. Since this was my first year attending this convention it was a total sensory overload between all the cosplayers, happenings, and excitement that was otakon. Still, I tried to take as many pictures as I could so that I could share them with everyone!

Otakon 2014Before we even get into the cosplay pics, I have to say that the sheer amount of people at the con was incredible. The lines were absolutely insane, with so many things getting capped off due to the amount of people that would show up to them. While the lines can be a bit of a pain, all these people in one place really make the con feel like it’s always full of energy!

Otakon 2014 LineWhen I arrived Thursday night I hopped on the line, which was probably one of the longest queues I’ve ever seen. It wrapped around the building so many times it was hard to even follow where the line stopped and started. In total I waited three hours on line before I got my badge. Crazy!

Otakon 2014 Steins;gate cosplayBut the it was definitely worth the wait, as it was an amazing time! One of the great things about Otakon was all the great cosplay, which is what this post is dedicated to! Let’s start off with this awesome group of Steins;gate cosplayers.

Otakon 2014 Yuno Gasai CosplayA rather Accurate Yuno cosplay

Otakon 2014 Waluigi CosplayWaluigi!

Otakon 2014 RWBY CosplayOne of the great things about the venue was the outdoor terrace on the upper floor which made a for a great place for cosplay pictures.




Otakon 2014 Sheik cosplayLoved this sheik cosplay, plus she could also play the harp! Rather incredible, I wonder how heavy it was to lug around the harp around the con O_O

Otakon 2014 Nui CosplayThis Nui had some amazing hair!

Otakon 2014 Gundam CosplayQuality gundam cosplay

Otakon 2014 Fairy Tail Cosplay

Otakon 2014 Farron Cosplay

Otakon 2014 Sinon CosplaySinon!

Otakon Lyrica Prismriver cosplayThis Prismriver cosplay was amazing… he had a variety of anime sheet music was playing a bunch of different themes on the keyboard!

Otakon 2014 walpurgisnacht cosplayThe gravity-defying Walpurgisnacht

Otakon 2014 Girls und Panzer CosplayPanzer Vor!

otakon 2014-Megaman CosplayOtakon-2014 Super Mario Cosplay

Otakon 2014 Mechazawa cosplayMechazawa!

Otakon 2014 Ryuko and Satsuki CosplayThere was a ton of Kill la Kill cosplay at the show, which was awesome to see since I’m a huge fan of the series. This Ryuko and Satsuki combo was really nicely done! More KLK cosplay below:

Otakon-2014 Matoi Ryuko CosplayThis Ryuko cosplay was adorable!

Cosplay courtesy of: Porcelainy Love Cosplay

Otakon 2014 Nonon CosplayLovely nonon cosplay

Otakon-2014 Mankanshoku family cosplayOne of my favorites from the con, the Mankanshoku family!

Otakon Matoi Ryuko CosplayAnother really nicely done Senjin Ryuko

Otakon 2014 Gamagori CosplayGreat Gamagori and Sanageyama cosplay!!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill regalia-cosplayLoved these guys in full regalia cosplay

Otakon Kill la Kill photoshoot group photoSince there was so many KLK cosplayers it was only natural to have a dedicated photoshoot! You can find all the pics from the shoot here.

otakon dealers roomSpending some time in the massive dealers room when I had time between panels and screenings.

Otakon 2014 KinokuniyaLots of great merch to spend all your money on…

otakon 2014 vendors…or your first born child 🙂

Otakon-2014-Custom-figuresSometimes I wonder how stuff like this is even humanly possible!

Otakon-Aniplex-BoothYou have no idea how much I wanted that Satsuki

Otakon 2014 Hououin Kyouma CosplayLoved this Hououin Kyouma cosplay

Otakon 2014 snk cosplayTons of SnK Cosplayers out and about as well

Otakon 2014 Attack on Titan PhotoshootThere were so many SnK cosplayers that you couldn’t even fit them all in one shot! This is only half of the group at the photoshoot!

Otakon-2014-Attack-on-Titan-CosplayersEveryone seems rather interested in the colossal titan 🙂

Otakon 2014 Pokemon cosplay

Otakon 2014 Diglet cosplayPokemon!

Otakon RWBY Cosplay

Otakon 2014 Rei Asuka CosplayLoved this Rei & Asuka Duo

Otakon 2014 CosplayThis cosplay was absolutely gorgeous!

Otakon 2014 Kuroyukihime cosplayGreat Kuroyukihime cosplay

Otakon 2014 Madoka cosplayThis madoka group was adorable!

Otakon Madoka Magic PhotoshootGot lots of pics from the Madoka photoshoot but probably won’t get around to uploading them to my flickr until tomorrow

Otakon 2014 Godoka CosplayAbsolutely loved this Godoka cosplay!

IMG_8395This guy was huge!


Otakon-2014-DS-CosplayVery clever

Fight Club Mako CosplayFight club mako!

Otakon 2014 Satsuki CosplayLovely Satsuki cosplay

Otakon 2014 Satsuki and Ragyo CosplayEven more KLK cosplay

Otakon 2014 Nagato Yuki CosplayYuki!

Otakon 2014 Nicolas Cageum…

Otakon 2014 Love Live PhotoshootLots of Love Live Cosplayers.

Otakon 2014 Nichijou CosplayThis nichijou cosplay was absolutely epic. Yes, that is a real person in the deer costume!

Anyway, that about raps it up for this Otakon post. I’ll try to work on photos from the photoshoots and get those uploaded to my flickr in the coming days.

As always I love to credit cosplayers, so if you see yourself please let me know so I can link up to your cosplay page, site, or whatever! If you want a high resolution photo for your cosplay page or whatever, you can always email me at nyotakublog@gmail.com and I can send them to you! Cosplayers are free to use photos for personal use, but please don’t claim that your the photographer 🙂

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos! Otakon was a crazy fun experience, hope to see you all again next year!!




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