Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill Photoshoot

Otakon Kill la Kill Photoshoot

One con that I’ve always wanted to go to was Otakon, and this weekend I finally got the opportunity to attend! Today we’re going to start with a post dedicated to the Kill la Kill photoshoot / meetup since there’s a ton of pictures. Anyone who follows me on twitter/tumblr knows I’m a huge Kill la Kill fan, so it was an awesome experience to attend the Kill la Kill photoshoot. Enjoy!

Otakon Ryuko cosplay meetupOne of the great things about Otakon is all the spacious outdoor terrace they have which makes for a great place to do cosplay pictures. This is where the meet started up! Up first are the Ryuko cosplayers

Otakon Kiryuin Satsuki CosplayFollowed by the eyebrow queen Kiryuin Satsuki!

Otakon Kill la Kill photoshoot Elite FourTons of Kill la Kill cosplayers showed up to the shoot, here you can see all the elite four cosplayers trying to gather in the one corner of the terrace.

Otakon 2014 Aikuro Mikisugi Cosplay Group ShotSince it was apparent that all of the cosplayers weren’t going to fit crammed in the corner of the terrace, everyone decided to move to the other side for some more space. Here we see some lovely Nudist Beach cosplay. Loved the guys in the DTR suits!

Otakon Kill la Kill cosplay photoshoot Ryuko and MakoThe dynamic duo, Ryuko and Mako!

Cosplay courtesy of:
http://envyonfire.tumblr.com/ (Senjin Ryuko, front & center)

Otakon Kill la Kill cosplay photoshootThe Honnouji Academy crew.

Otakon Kill la Kill cosplay Nui and RagyoThe villans! Loved the light up hair on the Ragyo

Cosplay courtesy of:
http://ohcheye.tumblr.com/ (Nui 3rd from left)

Otakon Mankanshoku Family cosplayThe always lovable Mankanshoku family

Otakon Kill la Kill photoshoot Ira Gamagori cosplayThe powerhouse, Ira Gamagori!

Cosplay courtesy of:
Female Gamagori: nothingbutrainbowsandstuff

Otakon 2014 Nonon Jakuzure Cosplay Group PhotoNANI SORE? Quite a variety of nonon cosplay

Cosplay courtesy of:
http://biohazard-bre.tumblr.com/ (Tracksuit nonon, 2nd from left)
http://magical-hobo-cat.tumblr.com/ (Far right)
starscobe (Tracksuit nonon w/ glasses)

Otakon 2014 Uzu Sanageyama Cosplay MeetupPlenty of Sanageyama cosplay as well

Otakon Inumuta Group CosplayThe brains, Hoka Inumuta

Cosplay courtesy of:
http://raebird5.tumblr.com/ (female Inumuta w/ long hair)
http://bradicai.tumblr.com/ (Probe Regalia Inumuta)

Otakon Kill la Kill Cosplay PhotoshootNext up we have the club members. I really loved the Hakodate Omiko Cosplay!

Otakon 2014 Satsuki and Nui cosplay groupRevocs

Otakon Kill la Kill cosplay photoshoot Mako X GamagoriEveryone’s favorite pairing, Mako X Gamagori!
Gamagori cosplay courtesy of:
http://thenameisru.tumblr.com/ (Gamagori w/ Mako on his arm)

Otakon Satsuki and Ragyo Cosplay groupSome quality mother / daughter time

Otakon Kill la Kill meetup Satsuki Ryuko and RagyoTime for a family photo (Spoilers!?)

Otakon 2014 Takarada CosplayThe one, the only, the dosh king!

Takarada cosplay courtesy of: http://arakieatingadonut.tumblr.com/

Otakon Ryuko vs Satsuki cosplayRyuko vs satsuki

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photo shoot mako and RyukoMore Ryuko and Mako

Otakon 2014 Senketsu CosplaySome unique Senketsu cosplay.

Otakon 2014 Ryuko Matoi Group PhotoRyuko and senketsu

Cosplay courtesy of:
Porcelainy Love Cosplay (Pink ryuko)

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshoot Ryuko vs NuiThe classic rivalry, Nui and Ryuko!

Otakon Takarada and Satsuki cosplayCan Takarada use his loadsamoney to entice Satsuki?

Satsuki cosplay courtesy of: http://k0waiiprincess.tumblr.com/

Otakon 2014 Takarada cosplayGuess not!

Otakon 2014 Nonon and Sanageyama cosplaySanageyama and Nonon

Otakon nonon and inumuta cosplayInumuta and nonon? An unlikely pairing!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay photoshootRyuko doesn’t seem impressed by Mikisugi’s nudist tendencies.

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshootPlenty of genderbending here at the Kill la Kill meetup

Male satsuki courtesy of: http://shikko-sha.tumblr.com/

Otakon Satsuki X Nonon CosplayThe childhood friends, Nonon and Satsuki!

Otakon 2014 Nonon and Gamagori cosplay photoshootNonon and Gamagori

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill elite four cosplayThe elite four with their three star regalia MKI…

Otakon Gamagori and Nonon Cosplay…MKII…

Otakon-Kill-la-Kill-photoshoot-supreme-war-regalia..and MKIII!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay photoshootSome of the transformed Goku uniforms. Loved the gamagori one!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshootMembers from the Kansai field trip

Mankanshoku Family CosplayLoved the Mankanshoku mom+dad cosplay!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill cosplayMako’s mom seems interested in Mikisugi’s body

Otakon Takarada CosplayTakarada prepares for his defeat

Otakon Gamagori and Mako's Dad cosplayDoes Mako’s dad approve of Gamagori being in love with his daughter?

Otakon Kill la Kill photoshoot Satsuki and SanageyamaSatsuki and Sanageyama

Otakon Tsumugu cosplayFinally a Tsumugu cosplayer arrives!

Otakon Nudist Beach CosplayWhich means it’s time for more NUUUDDESSTOO BEEECH

Otakon 2014 Ryuko vs Sanageyama cosplayRyuko vs Sanageyama

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshoot ryuko vs inumutaRyuko vs Inumuta

Otakon-2014-Sanagayama-vs-Nui-cosplaySanageyama vs Nui

Otakon Ryuko vs TsumuguLooks like Tsumugu is outnumbered!

Otakon Ryuko Mako and Satsuki cosplayMako: “Get naked, Ryuko!”

Otakon Mako and Gamagori cosplay groupGamagori protects his precious Mako

Mako cosplay courtesy of: http://mishyz.tumblr.com/ (2nd mako from right)

Otakon Kill la Kill cosplay groupPoor Gamagori ;_;

Otakon Kill la Kill photoshoot group photoFinally, to wrap it up it’s time for a group photo!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshoot group photoTime for some fun faces!

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshoot group photo

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshoot group photo

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill photoshoot group photoOverall it was a fun photoshoot! Great to see so many Kill la Kill fans in one place.

Otakon Kill la Kill meetupA little later at the Aniplex booth some more cosplayers gather!

Otakon Aniplex booth Kill la Kill cosplayMore Mako X Gama

Otakon Ryuko vs RagyoLoved these cosplays

Otakon Ragyo and Ryuko Cosplay

Otakon Kill la Kill Voice ActorsOne of the cool events here at Otakon was having the Kill la Kill english dub cast visiting! They had a few panels plus and autograph session at the Aniplex booth. They were really awesome! The Kill la Kill dub is really nicely done, it was a thrill to see it being screened on the big screen for one of their panels.

Otakon 2014 Kill la Kill voice ActorsPhew, that was a lot of photos! It was a really fun time here at otakon, especially for all the Kill la Kill cosplayers/fans out there. Hope some of the cosplayers out there can find yourselves in the photos!  I always like to credit cosplayers, so if you see yourself please let me know so I can link up to your cosplay page, site, or whatever!

As always I can provide full resolution photos upon request, just comment or email me at nyotakublog@gmail.com . Cosplayers are always free to use photos for their pages or for personal use, but please don’t claim that you are the photographer :). Photos have also been uploaded to my flickr, facebook and tumblr if it’s easier for you to view/share that way.


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  1. These photos are awesome, thanks for taking them. I was the guy dressed as Ryuko in her episode 1 outfit who took over running the shoot together with one of the Gamagori’s.

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