AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill meetup

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill Meetup

Continuing with my coverage of AnimeNEXT, we now look at the Kill la Kill meetup! Since I took so many photos I figured I would put the meetup in its own dedicated post where I could post all the photos. Lets begin!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Mako Regalia uniform cosplayBefore the official meetup time everyone was just kind of hanging out, a good opportunity for some photos!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takarada CosplaySanageyama vs Takarada!

AnimeNext 2014 Satsuki CosplaySatsuki!

AnimeNext 2014 Nonon cosplayAdorable nonon cosplay!!

Cosplay courtesy of

AnimeNEXT 2014 Elite fourThe elite four!

AnimeNext 2014 Ryuuko Cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill meetupWith most of the cosplayers together, it’s time for a group photo!. This gives you a good idea of how many people were there, and as the meetup went along more people joined! Nice to see so many Kill la Kill cosplayers at the con.

Animenext 2014 Matoi Ryuko CosplayMoving on from the group shot, we have individual characters. Naturally up first we have the Matoi Ryuko cosplay group!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Senketsu CosplaySenketsu!

AnimeNext 2014 Kiryuin Satsuki cosplayFollowed by the Satsukis

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kiryuin Satsuki CosplaySatsuki shielding NB satsuki from peering eyes

Animenext 2014 Kill la Kill meetup“I’m not worthy!”

AnimeNext 2014 Mako CosplayUp next we have the Mako Mankanshoku cosplayers!

Mako cosplay courtesy of:
Moonboatchan (kneeling in front)

AnimeNEXT 2014 Gamagori cosplayGamagori crew looking tough as ever

Cosplay courtesy of:
Alabroseidon (2nd from left)

AnimeNEXT 2014 Sanageyama CosplayGood amount of Sanageyama cosplayers

AnimeNEXT 2014 Inumuta CosplayThe Tech Savvy Inumuta crew

AnimeNEXT 2014 nonon cosplayNANI SORE?! Lots of fabulous nonon cosplay

Nonon cosplay courtesy of:
thisaleecrow(far left)
CuijianCosplay (2nd from left)
Heydiem (2nd from right)
Hellolittlemoonchild (3rd from right)


AnimeNEXT 2014 Nui CosplayThe evil-but-undeniably-cute nui cosplayers!

Nui Cosplayers courtesy of :
NekoNami cosplay (2nd from left)
Arimae Cosplay (2nd from right)
Paulina April Cosplay (Far right)

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nui CosplayPoor Sanageyama ;_;

Rei Hououmaru CosplayThe incredibly cool hououmaru. No ragyo cosplayers this time around unfortunately.

Hououmaru Cosplay courtesy of Bunn Cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takaharu Fukuroda CosplayLoved boxing club presidents cosplay!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takarada CosplayDid someone say loadsamoney? Takarada showing off is wads of dosh.

Takarada cosplay courtesy of

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takarada CosplayMake it rain!!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Tsumugu cosplayTsumugu flexing his muscles

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nudist Beach cosplayNow that we’re done with individual characters, it’s time for pairings! First up, Nudist Beach!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill meetupFollowed by the elite four!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill cosplay meetupInumuta X nonon pairing

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill cosplayCute pairing!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko Sanageyama CosplaySanageyama X Ryuko

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill meetup

AnimeNEXT 2014 Mako Gamagori CosplayTime for OTP of the century, Mako X Gamagori!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Mako Gamagori CosplayThis ship has set sail!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Mako Ryuko CosplayAlthough we all know Mako loves Ryuko the most ^^

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko and Mako CosplayLoved the detail in this Ryuko cosplay

Ryuko cosplay courtesy of:
Lolita’s Requiem :

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko X Mako cosplayLooks like this ship has set sail as well!

animeNEXT 2014 Satsuki Nonon cosplayContinuing the OTP trend, we have childhood friends nonon and Satsuki!

AnimeNEXT 2014 nonon and Sanageyama cosplayNonon X Sanageyama

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nui Mako CosplayAn unlikely pairing, Mako X Nui!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Kill la Kill cosplayThe Ultima uniform crew

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takarada X Satsuki CosplayCan Satsuki resist Takarada’s loads of dosh?

AnimeNEXT 2014 TakaradaDosh king always has loads of dosh

AnimeNEXT 2014 Satsuki and Gamagori cosplayThe Gamagori crew doing their rightful duty of protecting Satsuki at all costs

AnimeNEXT 2014 Satsuki Ryuko CosplayTime for some sisterly love!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Satsuki Ryuko Cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko X Satsuki cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nui and Satsuki CosplaySatsuki X Nui? An unlikely combo!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Satsuki and Nui Cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nudist Beach CosplayA little Nudist Beach fanservice is never a bad thing

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takarada CosplayTakrada prepares for his inescapable fate

AnimeNEXT 2014 takarada CosplayOther Sanageyama cosplayers join in as the dosh king falls to his knees

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takarada CosplayNo amount of money could save him, poor Takarada ;_;

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko and Mikisugi CosplayObligatory Ryuko X Mikisugi pairing

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko and Nui CosplayThe ever heated rivalry between Nui and Ryuko!

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nui and HououmaruNo Ragyo this time around, so it’s just Nui and Hououououououououmaru representing REVOCS

AnimeNEXT 2014 Ryuko X SatsukiAnd finally we have more Satsuki X Ryuko! This time with jealous nonons wishing Satsuki would go for them instead

AnimeNEXT 2014 Satsuki X Ryuko kissSisterly love!

Kill la Kill Matoi Ryuko CosplayGroup shots done, time for a few individual shots. Loved the amount of detail put into this cosplay! Really incredible

AnimeNEXT 2014 Takaharu Fukuroda CosplayLoved this Takaharu Fukuroda cosplay as well, great attention to detail.

AnimeNEXT 2014 Nui and Ryuko CosplayMore Ryuko vs Nui

AnimeNEXT Studio TriggerFinally, a few hours after the meetup, there was an official studio Trigger panel which was awesome to attend. At the end, the guys from Studio trigger wanted a group shot with all the cosplayers! Definitely a great opportunity for all the KLK fans to meet the guys behind the show.

Phew, that was a lot of photos! It was definitely a great meeting for anyone who is a fan of Kill la Kill. As always, cosplayers if you see your photo I’d be more than happy to link to your cosplay page! Just comment or email me (  with a link to your page so I can link to it. Also if you want a full resolution photo for your page/whatever just email me so I can send them to you!

Hope you all enjoyed the meetup and the photos! Thanks for looking, see you at next years animeNEXT!

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  1. Kill la Kill is my new favorite cosplay subject, especially Nudist Beach cosplay. I’m impressed by that Fukuroda costume, I don’t see many people dressing up as him.

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