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Project Snap FigThe other day I received a photo book which I was honored to be a part of, project Snap Fig!Project Snap FigFor those unfamiliar with project Snap fig, it’s a photo book produced/published by Sakura Doujin that gathers various figure photographers from around the net and prints their photos into one complete book!

Project Snap FigAs you can imagine I was absolutely thrilled when I was asked to submit photos to contribute to the book. There’s something about seeing you photos in print that is just an incredible feeling!

project snap figI submitted my suzuha and Shiozaki photos since those are probably my all time favorites from the various photo shoots that I’ve done.

Project Snap Fig SuzuhaWas even more thrilled to see one of my Suzuha photos printed on a poster!!

project snap fig pinkcheeksOne of the great things about the photobook is that you get to see everyone else’s photos in print is well which is a real treat. Here we have some spectacular photos of momohime from the amazingly talented photographer Pinkcheeks!

project snap fig kixkillradioSome of kixkillradio’s super adorable nendoroid photographs made it into the book!

project snap fig wieselheadLots of lovely photographs from comrade wieselhead.

project snap fig otagamersSome adorable photographs by comrade Miette-Chan

Snap FigCongrats to all who got their photo published! It was great to see everyone’s spectacular photography published in one book, looking forward to continuing to see everyone’s great photos in the future!

6 thoughts on “Project Snap Fig

  1. Woah! there is my picture ;D I haven’t received my book yet, so it feels rather unreal for me to see it printed on a book.
    It’s cool that the english speaking figure photography scene is eternalized in this book, everyone created such beautiful things.
    I’m really looking forward to this book

  2. I received mine a few days ago and did a post on it also. Was cool seeing a whole bunch of photos from blogs I follow (including this one!) and people I interact with on Google+. Would’ve loved to see more behind the scenes shot at the end of the book, those are always cool.

    • Yeah it’s definitely a treat to see everyone’s photographs in one book, the behind the scenes are definitely really cool to look at and see people’s processes.

  3. Oh gosh I’m dying with envy here, first you got Ryuko and Mako-chan, now you also got the photobook, while I’m just here waiting like a sitting duck…. T-T everything’s taking forever to arrive…

    Anyway, I’m excited to see everyone’s photos! 😀

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