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Mako & Ryuko Nendoroid Photo Print

Today I come to you with some exciting news! You can now buy prints of my photos on Storenvy!! Come check out my shop at: http://nyotaku.storenvy.com/

Right now I only have 8″x12″ prints available, but if people are interested I could make larger prints as well. Just let me know if you would be interested in large prints, and if enough people are interested, I’ll have them printed!

If there are other photos you would be interested in seeing printed, just comment and let me know which photos you want and I might add them in the next batch πŸ™‚

Happy Shopping!

Love Wins

One Love

Yesterday was a very special day for all of us here in the United States.
At last, the Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a right for all citizens, a huge step for gay rights!

In the words of President Obama: “If we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.” πŸ™‚

Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013


Mikatan has recently updated her blog with pictures of what I would probably call the most beautiful nendoroid made so far! Nendoroid Snow Miku 2013 looks simply stunning!


Love the hood & Umbrella.



Her twintails are simply stunning! Love her robe as well.


Looks like she can also have a sitting down pose as well.



So cute~


While not much info is available as far as pre orders go, According to Mikatan’s blog (Using the power of Google translate!) she will be sold at the Sapporo Snow Festival via online lottery, this year’s Wonfest, and at the GoodSmile Cafe in Akihabara with more details to be announced shortly. I’m hoping she will be up for order on the web, be sure to check the Goodsmile Online Shop for more info!

Photo and Info credits: Mikatan

Four Month Old Baby Found Alive in Japan

This article quite literally brought tears to my eyes. I’m completely lost for words, This is nothing short of a miracle.

Four Month Old baby girl found alive in japan


Amid the silent corpses a baby cried outβ€”and Japan met its tiniest miracle.

On March 14, soldiers from Japan’s Self-Defense Forces went door to door in Ishinomaki, a coastal town northeast of Senda, pulling bodies from homes that had been flattened by the earthquake and tsunami. More accustomed to hearing the crunching of rubble and the sloshing of mud than sounds of life, they dismissed the baby’s cry as a mistake. Until they heard it again.

They made their way to a pile of debris and carefully removed fragments of wood and slate, shattered glass and rock. And then they saw her: a 4-month-old baby girl in a pink woolen bear suit.

A tidal wave literally swept the baby from her parents’ arms when it hit their home on March 11. Afterward, her parents β€” both of whom survived the disaster β€” took refuge in their wrecked house, worried that their little girl was dead. Soldiers managed to reunite the baby with her overjoyed father shortly after the rescue.

“Her discovery has put a new energy into the search,” a civil defense official told a local news crew. “We will listen, look and dig with even more diligence after this.” Ahead of the baby’s rescue, officials reported finding at least 2,000 bodies washed up on the shoreline of Miyagi prefecture. How the child survived drowning β€” or being crushed by fallen trees and houses β€” remains a mystery.
Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/03/15/miracles-in-japan-four-month-old-baby-70-year-old-woman-found-alive/#ixzz1GijdODXb

Much respect for the soldiers and anyone helping with the relief effort in Japan. This is certainly a ray of hope in such a tragic situation.

Keep strong Japan! You are in our hearts!