New York Comic Con 2014 : Thursday & Friday

NYCC 2014 ThursdayOnce again it’s that magical time of the year that is the New York Comic Con! For the first time I got a four day pass and am planning on attending all four days, which can seem pretty intense. Here are a few photos form the shenanigans that happened the first two days.

NYCC-miku-hatsuneMiku seemed especially big this year, which is probably due to the fact that there’s actually going to be a miku concert next weekend! Unfortunately I don’t plan to go as it’s wayyy to expensive for me, but I can still enjoy the miku hype here at the con. Miku was also featured on the Letterman show the day before, pretty cool stuff!

NYCC square enix miku-A special miku figure made by Square Enix

NYCC cu-poche


Sill haven’t gotten into Cu-Poche figures, although they do look awfully cute! I had my eye on that dekomori figure

NYCC kotobukiyaLoved this shiro figure

NYCC-cu-pocheAsuna & Saber are cute too

NYCC Artist Alley 2014After exploring the main show floor for a bit it’s time to head to artist alley. While there were a lot of artist, I was still kind of disappointed by the decreasing about of anime artists each year. There wasn’t too much this year that really caught my eye

NYCC 2014 lego figuresLooking around the show floor once more and checking out the massive collection of lego figures this guy had

NYCC 2014 Kill la Kill cosplayAs usual a con isn’t complete without cosplay! Managed to spot this awesome Kill la Kill cosplay group near the GSC booth on Friday.

NYCC Kiryuin Satsuki Cosplay

NYCC 2014 nonon cosplaySome really nice nonon cosplay

NYCC Mermaid man and barnacle boy cosplayMermaid man and barnacle boy!


NYCC Kaito and len cosplay





NYCC 2014 Pikmin cosplay

NYCC 2014 Sonico Cosplay

NYCC 2014 Love Live cosplayNot too much love live cosplay at the con, was happy to see these two!

NYCC Sakura Miku cosplayLoved this cosplay duo!

NYCC 2014 Friday-Cosplay


NYCC 2014 Death Gun CosplayDeath Gun!

Nendoroid Rei and AsukaOne of the awesome opportunities I had at the con was to photograph some unreleased figures with fullOanime and yorunohato. Huge thanks to Mamitan for allowing us to get an up close look at them! I’ll probably end up uploading all the figure photos later on when I get the time to sort through all of them.

Figma ShimakazeEven though I’ve never played Kancolle, I have to say I really love the design of the characters. The figures are all really nicely done as well

GSC eren yeagerThis eren figure was seriously awesome!

Nendoroid Satsuki previewBeing a huge Kill la Kill fan, and lover of all things Kiryuin Satsuki, I was honored to be able to get an up close look at the yet to be released Kiryuin Satsuki nendoroid. She’s so cute!! Can’t wait to get her later this month.

Nendoroid Satsuki preview

figma sinonAlso got the change to take a peek at figma sinon! She’s such a nice figure, definitely a must get if you’re a fan of the SAO series

Figma Sinon

Goboiano event NYCAnother cool event that was going on was the Goboiano event at the Harman store on madison ave.

NYCC Goboiano eventThey had hung up some prints from their various creators who are affiliated with Goboiano

Goboiano event

goboiano event nyc

Goboiano event KixkillradioGot to see a huge print by comrade kixkillradio!

NYC Goboiano event

NYC goboiano event cosplay

nycc goboiano event animeAnyway, that about wraps it up for the first two days! So far the con has been a load of fun, looking foward to Saturday and Sunday!

As always, if you’re a cosplayer and see your photo I’m more than happy to provide a link to your page! Simply comment below or email me at so I can credit you! I can also provide high res photos upon request if you want them for your page.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Oh wow, you built that Link? I actually saw it, lol. This was a decent show, I must have picked up like three Nendos. GSC were being really nice.

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