Anime Fan Fest 2016

Anime Fan Fest 2016This past weekend was the start of a brand new anime convention for the tri-state area, Anime Fan Fest! Run by Otaku USA magazine, Anime Fan Fest takes place at the Garden State Expo center, the same place that AnimeNEXT has been held for the past few years. With AnimeNEXT moving to Atlantic City this year, perhaps AFF might serve as the replacement anime convention for norther NJ. Despite being in its first year, I was surprised to see a decent amount of dealers and artists.

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Castle Point Anime Convention 2016

Castle Point Anime ConThis past weekend I finally got a chance to make it over to the Castle Point Anime Con, a student-run convention taking place in Hoboken NJ. This is my first time checking out CPAC as I’ve never been able to make it in past years since it’s only a one-day event (Sunday). Luckily I had some time this weekend to check it out, and got the chance to take few pictures!

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Otakon 2015

Otakon 2015This past weekend I made my pilgrimage down to Maryland to attend Otakon 2015. This is my second year attending Otakon, and it was just as awesome this year as last year. Just finished sorting through all my photos, so here goes the obligatory photo post for Otakon 2015!
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AnimeNEXT 2015 Cosplay

AnimeNEXT-2015-Princess-Mononoke-Cosplay Over the past three days have been a ton of fun, since this past weekend was AnimeNEXT! This is my second time coming to animenext, and I must say that it was a really fun convention. While it is a smaller con compared to others, animenext definitely has more of a community feel to it. As with any convention, there’s bound to be a ton of cosplay out and about. This particular con is a great place for cosplay due to all the green space around the convention which makes for really great backdrops. This post is basically just a dump of cosplay pics taken over the weekend, starting off with this beautiful Princess Mononoke cosplay!
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New York Comic Con 2014 : Saturday

NYCC 2014 SaturdayBack again from yet another crazy day here at the New York Comic Con. Despite some pretty crappy weather this morning, tons of people showed up here at the javits center to geek out for a day. Today’s post is pretty much dedicated to cosplay as I spent a good portion of the day running around snapping cosplay pictures. Enjoy! Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2014 : Thursday & Friday

NYCC 2014 ThursdayOnce again it’s that magical time of the year that is the New York Comic Con! For the first time I got a four day pass and am planning on attending all four days, which can seem pretty intense. Here are a few photos form the shenanigans that happened the first two days. Continue reading