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AnimeNEXT-2015-Princess-Mononoke-Cosplay Over the past three days have been a ton of fun, since this past weekend was AnimeNEXT! This is my second time coming to animenext, and I must say that it was a really fun convention. While it is a smaller con compared to others, animenext definitely has more of a community feel to it. As with any convention, there’s bound to be a ton of cosplay out and about. This particular con is a great place for cosplay due to all the green space around the convention which makes for really great backdrops. This post is basically just a dump of cosplay pics taken over the weekend, starting off with this beautiful Princess Mononoke cosplay!

nozoeli cosplaySpotted some lovely NozoEli cosplay, their costumes were gorgeous!

AnimeNEXT-2015-fight-club-mako-cosplayFight club mako!

AnimeNEXT 2015 Kenny Ackerman cosplayLoved this Kenny cosplay from the SnK Manga.

AnimeNEXT-2015-Bulbasaur-CosplayAn adorable Bulbasaur cosplay courtesy of Shannon O’ Connel:

AnimeNEXT 2015 Ciel CosplayLovely Ciel Cosplay!

AnimeNEXT 2015 Monopoly CosplayMoney money money

AnimeNEXT-2015-Psycho-Pass-CosplayAs a huge fan of the series it was great to see some lovely Psycho Pass cosplay

AnimeNEXT-2015-Psycho-Pass-Cosplay2Complete with Hyper Oats! I pretty much begged him to try and do the face lol

AnimeNEXT-2015-Sonico-CosplayNicely done Sonico Cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2015 Madoka CosplayAdorable Kyuubey & Madoka duo!

AnimeNEXT 2015 Mariokart cosplayThis guy’s MarioKart Cosplay was really on point, the kart was drivable and everything! Although he couldn’t drive too fast through the packed hallways ^^

AnimeNEXT-2015-Gyarados-CosplayThis Gyarados cosplay was seriously amazing!


AnimeNEXT 2015 Asuka CosplayLovely Asuka cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2015 Assassins Creed CosplayReally nice Assassin’s Creed cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2015 nonon cosplayNani Sore, it’s nonon!

AnimeNEXT 2015 Princess Sakura CosplayBeautiful Princess Sakura cosplay courtesy of Echo Chronum Cosplay:

AnimeNEXT 2015 Nozomi Tojo CosplayNozomi!

AnimeNEXT-2015-Love-Live-CosplayPlus some Nico and Maki Cosplay

AnimeNEXT-2015-Jojo-CosplaySaw a bunch of JoJo cosplay at the con which was really awesome! This duo has the posing down pretty well

AnimeNEXT 2015 Joeseph Joestar CosplayOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Buccellati-CosplayThese Rohan & Buccellati cosplays were incredible, nicely done!

AnimeNEXT-2015-Speedwagon-CosplayEverybody loves Speedwagon!

AnimeNEXT 2015 Panty and Stocking CosplayGreat Panty and Stocking cosplay!

AnimeNEXT-2015-Kill-la-Kill-cosplayGood to see plenty of Kill la Kill cosplayers around still!

AnimeNEXT-2015-Kill-la-Kill-cosplay-2Great group of KLK cosplays courtesy of Roni Jane Cosplay & Zei Rae Cosplay

AnimeNEXT-2015-Black-Rock-Shooter-CosplayLoved the detail that went into the BRS cosplay

AnimeNEXT 2015 Mako CosplayMako has plenty of Takarada Bucks!

Me!Me!Me! CosplayWith the video Me!Me!Me! getting lots of attention, it’s only natural to see a bunch of Me!Me!Me! cosplay around. This group has the cosplay on point!

Nisekoi ItashaWhile not cosplay related, I simply had to share this awesome Nisekoi itasha that I spotted on my way into the con on Saturday. Makes me sort of want to have an Itasha myself, probably one with Satsuki-sama on it ^^

This awesome ride courtesy of Mike Chan :

AnimeNEXT 2015Anyway, that about sums up my photos from this year’s AnimeNEXT! Lots of lovely cosplay to be seen at this years convention, it was great to see how creative everyone gets with their outfits!

As always, if you see your photo here, I would love to give you credit! Comment below or email me at with a link to your page so I can give you proper credit! Also, should you want full res photos for use on your cosplay page or blog, just send me an email & I can send them to you.

You can also find these photos posted on my FB page here & here

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos! See you all next year~

13 thoughts on “AnimeNEXT 2015 Cosplay

  1. I especially thought the CIel from Black Butler cosplay was very rich color-wise and detailed. Other than that really loved the Psycho-Pass cosplay but that could be because of my intense passion and admiration for the anime franchise.

  2. Hi! It’s that one Miku cosplayer who stood in that two hour line to get TRIGGER’s signature like the total weeab I will admit to being. I really like your website! Your photos are great and I really love the way that you have your room set up with all of those shelves, too! The bravery of all of those people walking around in Nudist Beach cosplay was pretty impressive.

    • Hi there! It was great meeting you at the autograph line! it’s always nice to find other people passionate about Kill la Kill haha. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy my photos, It’s always fun to photograph nendoroids 🙂

  3. Wow!! Um!! Thank you so much for taking my photo at AUSA!!! I somehow came about this photo while looking up something really strange related to the Buccellati Jewelry brand… HAHA… Thanks a lot for taking a photo of Rohan and I (I’m the Buccellati)!!

    I’ll comment on the facebook image as well. Thanks again!

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