Desk Diary: June 2015

Otaku Room 2015It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted recent photos of my desk / collection, so it’s time for a desk diary! I’ve made a few changes here and there over the past few months, as my collection continues to grow it’s always a challenge to find more room to display all my figures in one place. Most of the changes I’ve made are adding new additional shelving, as well as getting rid of some old stuff to make some room for more figures ^^.

Old deskLooking back, here’s what my desk looked like as of February of last year. You can see the full post of last year’s desk diary here.

Spring CleaningIn order to make enough room for my growing collection, it took a bit of re-organizing and pairing down of some of my items. One of the biggest changes which you might be able to see is that I got rid of my stereo system. As much as I loved the sound from my 5″ studio monitors, the whole setup took up way too much room. I decided to get rid of my speakers + the rack in order to make the room feel more spacious.
One thing I also did to make more room was to get rid of some of the boxes I was saving, for some reason I felt the need to save ever single box for every single figure I ever owned. That includes puchi and trading figures ^^;;. Getting rid of the unnessisary boxes proved more room for storing my nendoroid boxes, some of which I’ve stashed behind my manga collection as you can see in the above pic.

Kongou NendoroidWith more room for boxes, it’s time to add another shelve above the desk! Kongou helps to install the LED lighting underneath the wooden shelve.

Cable-ManagementNo more stereo system means less cables! But there’s still a ton of wires from all the lighting and computer accessories on my desk, so cable management is a must. I’m using some velcro straps which I’ve screwed into the wall, it works great for keeping the cables out of sight and it keeps them nice and orderly.

Nendoroid-CollectionIncase you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge nendoroid fan ^^. Lots of shelves for lots of nendoroids.





Nendoroid collection-3Love this Senbonzakura Miku nendoroid, look forward to some photos featuring her in the near future!

Homura-Collectionhomu homu

Kancolle Nendoroid DioramaI’ve been getting into making dioramas for my nendoroids as of late. I’m really starting to enjoy the process of making dioramas, they’re great for photography but also are great ways to display your figures! Above you can see a diorama I constructed for my Kancolle nendoroids.

Nendoroid DioramaHad fun making this little school room as well.

Wagnaria playsetComplete Wagnaria playset, with some other nendoroids thrown in as well.

Anime Figure ShelvesLoving the extra shelve above my desk so far, I think it really makes the setup look complete!

Figure collectionEven though I mostly collect nendoroids, I do love PVC figures as well. I can always appreciate the amount of detail and craftsmanship that goes into them.

Suzuha Amane figureStill one of my all time favorite figures, Suzuha is one of those figures I can never get tired of photographing. So far I’ve also managed to break her bike in multiple spots ^^;

VN02 MikuAlso a big fan of this VN02 Miku figure

Figma erenAbove my desk I also have my SnK figmas hanging by a thread, which ended up looking pretty cool. I just hope the wires on their 3DMG don’t come lose!

Drafting-Table-MikuBehind my desk I also have my drafting table, which I use for photographing figures, building dioramas, and working on other various projects. Since the glass tabletop on my desk would get scratched up easily, it’s nice to have a place to work where I can spread out and not have to worry about damaging or scratching anything.

Anime Figure DeskAnother good thing about not having the bulky studio monitors is there’s much more room on my desk for figures! Just got this homura figure the other day, she’s quite lovely.

Otaku Desk 2015That about sums up this desk diary for now, hope you enjoyed looking around my desk!


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24 thoughts on “Desk Diary: June 2015

  1. OMG! I loved your studio and I really like your desk > < I want one! But, in my country there isn't Ikea, so I going to have to do a DIY XD

  2. Nice room again, the “little” changes have improved the whole look.
    It’s also good that you got rid of the big speakers and added some plants 😉
    I always liked your selection of Nendoroids and figures, oh you also have Melissa Seraphy now.

    • Melissa Seraphy has been on my want list for a while now, even though I have no idea what her origin is lol. I just like her character design a lot ^^

  3. dude your room feels heaven…must be nice living there^^
    btw if you don’t mind me asking, how thick are the shelves that has an LED lighting? Actually i’m asking because I’m planning to build one for myself soon but when i try to find a 1W LED, it seems like the LED’s height is taller than my shelf.

  4. I really love your school room diorama! Do you have any resources of where I can learn to do the same? I’d really want to make one the club room for all my K-on nendoroids!

  5. Oh, hey there! Nice to see some changes in your room. Truth be said, I liked your previous room setup more (the one from september 2013), I loved that metal shelves and that stand where used to be a receiver like thing, but surely the current one seems very nice and neat. My current goal is to save some money and build a nice clean room like yours so I can populate them with figures and mangas XD Also, a question for you: don’t you miss those speakers? I can’t imagine myself living without speakers, being a bespectacled person, using headphones is a pain .-.

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