Springtime 2015

Springtime 2015One tradition that I love to do every year is to do a spring-themed post. Spring is always such a lovely time of year, and seeing everything in bloom is quite a beautiful sight! With warmer weather and beautiful nature to look at, I always enjoying taking photos during springtime with all the vibrant colors to capture.

NYC SnowIt was a long and brutal winter for the northeast this year, It seems like we had snow every week! This picture was actually taken on the first day of spring, which as you can see wasn’t very spring like.

Shiozaki SnowWhile it can be nuisance, snow does look rather pretty when it’s falling. I decided to take the opportunity to do some figure photography on this spring snowfall, hoping this would be the last snow we would see. Of course it wasn’t the final snow, but slowly signs of spring started to come in the next few weeks. Shiozaki always will be one of my favorite figures to photograph, which I’m sure most of you can tell since she pops up so often in my photos ^^. While she doesn’t exactly look equipped for the snow, I figured she looks hopeful that the weather would warm up soon! I was lucky to have this particular photo featured as picture of the day on myfigurecollection!

Mako SpringI absolutely adore Mako in this outfit! It was a relatively warm day when I took this photo, so I thought the blue bird was appropriate since spring was (hopefully) just around the corner.
Spring BlossomsAt last, things warmed up and blossoms started to come out! When doing my spring figure photos I always try to capture the beauty of the white and pink blossoms.

Suzuha SpringSuzuha is also one of my favorite figures, I’m starting to think I have a thing for bikes ^^.

Itoshiki HanamiSomehow Itoshiki’s white hair goes really well with the pink blossoms

Roosevelt Island BlossomsThere are certain locations that I tend to fequent when I want to do figure photography. For spring photos, this one of them: Roosevelt Island has a lovely waterfront park that is lined with cherry trees. When spring comes along, all the trees seem to blossom at once making for some beautiful scenery.

Shiozaki SpringShiozaki looks much better in this setting if you ask me ^^

Cherry BlossomsStopping to enjoy the blossoms up close

Akagi SpringAkagi seems to be enjoying the spring blossoms as well!

Mako SpringMako being adorable as always

Roosevelt Island Cherry BlossomsWith spring well underway, it’s refreshing to have everything turn green again along with weather that doesn’t require a jacket. Warm weather makes photography so much more enjoyable, and it makes me eager for summer to arrive!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! See you next time~

8 thoughts on “Springtime 2015

  1. Always is a delight see your photos and read what you write. In my country we don’t have Seasons, so is really nice to see them through the photos like yours. Thank!

  2. I loved the photo at the very beginning and the last photo. The location and lighting makes the whole scenery gorgeous. And I have to agree Itoshiki’s white hair contrasted wonderfully with the pink cherry blossoms. Great photography! I see why you got featured on My Figure Collection.

  3. What a nice room you have! I have Haruhi Summer Festival Set , Cherry blossom Miku, Miku Hatsune Chibiart, Homura Akemi Chibiart, Cure Peace figurine, Candy figurine, Cure Black Figurine and many others. I will try collecting more!

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