New Figure Shelves / Desk update : February 2014

Otaku Room 2014

Since many seemed to like my previous desk photos I think I’ll provide an update with my latest addition to the space. As my collection continues to grow finding space to store everything can be a challenge. I decided it was time to add some more storage capabilities so I have room to display all my figures and various other things. Ikea

Almost all of my furniture is from IKEA as you might be able to tell. It’s a great resource to buy cheap shelving, here we are picking up all the required pieces. It was all quite heavy!

Otaku Desk 2014

Back at home base, where it’s time to move everything from the old shelf so I can build the new one. Figure temporarily crowd the desk so I can keep them out of harms way.

Nendoroid Display Shelves

Partway there with the installation. The great thing about this shelving system is the shelve height is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to tailor the shelf height to fit the figures you are displaying.

Figure display shelves

Playing around with where I want to put the shelves

Otaku Room 2014

I think the finished result came out pretty nice! I picked the unfinished wood as it matches my wall shelves + the trusses supporting my desk.

Figure shelves

Nothing much has changed up here besides some moving around of figures.

Nendoroid Box Storage

Moved a good amount of my nendoroid boxes up here where they seem to fit quite snugly.

Figure box storage

Even more figure boxes. Another reason I picked this shelving system was because of its height. The best way to maximize storage in a small space to work upward, so with these I can store things right up to the ceiling.

Figma Shelves

Figmas go on top since they’re generally taller than nendoroids.

Nendoroid Shelves

Never really realized exactly how many figures I had until I started putting them back on the shelves!

Nendoroid display

Nendoroid Storage Containers

Still use these storage containers to keep all my nendoroid parts organized. Makes it easy to find the parts your looking for.

Nendoroid Part Storage

Stands, larger parts & figma parts go in the drawers, which you can also get from the container store.

Nendoroid Shelf

Hachikuji & friends

Wagnaria nendoroid set

Now I can have a shelf dedicated to the Wagnaria crew

Mikasa Ackermann figma

Recently got the Mikasa figma in the mail and the detail is just astounding! Really happy with the purchase, looking forward to getting the rest of the AoT crew. Might be fun to bring her out to photograph in the future.

Otaku Desk

Hope you enjoyed my latest desk diary! Thanks for stopping by~

42 thoughts on “New Figure Shelves / Desk update : February 2014

  1. I love your desk and room. Very neat and organized. I like it bright and clean. With the increasing number of your figures, time will come that you’ll need to have a separate room for your figure boxes 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! It looks like you got a whole little crowd on that desk! ^^ I love how neat everything looks! It looks like it must have taken you such a long time to finish it all!

  3. Hehe you took a loot shot in the ikea storage 🙂
    It’s a cool wooden storage shelf, the “figures” look very good on it.

    So many cute big heads, I only have 4 Nendoroids, but seing your cute army makes me smile.
    You have nearly all the cool ones from the recent years.

    storing boxes can be a pain in this hobby

  4. You have one of my favorite spaces in recent memory. While you got quite a bit of stuff and growing apparently, it is all neatly organized and displayed. This totally scratches my OCD itch.

    I’m in the process of furnishing my and decorating my new place, I hope it turns out as nice as yours.

  5. You’ve done a wonderful job of both creating a bright and functional space, as well as displaying your collection very effectively.
    I think I’m gonna have to take a trip to Ikea. 😉

        • Haha personally I wasn’t a fan of the pose of the Silica figure so I didn’t spring for her. So far Kotobukiya’s Asuna is probably the best SAO figure out there IMO so I don’t really see myself getting a different SAO figure in the near future.

  6. I want to double slap you for having a hue collection. Kidding, just being envious here ^_^ and you have such neat compartment for everything. Love those scale figures you got and your photography is equally impressive.

  7. A bit late to the “party”, lol! Came across your site while looking for ways to organize my own slowly growing Nendoroid collections and I love your set up!! I have a huge weakness for Ikea’s Ivar shelving (except for getting the pegs into the holes, argh!) and I hadn’t even thought of tailoring the shelf space to the height of the Nendoroids. What a great idea!! I have mine in my craft room and am using the corner Ivar’s for them. My concern is being able to see them all as those corner shelves are pretty deep. Any suggestions or thoughts??

  8. I saw that you got the shelving from ikea, but what did you use to light the shelves above your computer, i see they have lights on the bottom of the shelves, curious to know if they came that way or you made them that way?

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