Out and about with Suzuha : Winter 2014

Suzuha Amane : Winter 2014

Still one of my all time favorite figures to date, and definitely my favorite figure to take out and photograph, today we take a ride along with Suzuha.

Suzuha Amane Figure

My previous Suzuha photos can be seen in this post. I definitely see myself continuing to bring her out for photos in the future, so this will probably turn into a re-occurring theme.

Suzuha Amane Figure

I think the main reason I love photographing her is due to how well she fits in an outdoor setting. Just looking at her makes me want to take her off the shelf and bring her outdoors.

Suzuha Figure

As those who have visited here probably know the Brooklyn Bridge is no stranger to traffic, not only from cars but from bikes and pedestrians as well. A painted white line down the center of the promenade marks which side bikes and pedestrians should ride/walk in. Definitely a fitting setting!

Suzuha Amane Figure

The traffic also makes it a challenging place to shoot as you may get run over/stepped on ^^; As long as you stay alert & aware it isn’t too hard to ward off unaware travelers.

Suzuha Amane Figure

Since the Brooklyn Bridge is such a popular tourist attraction, the promenade can be packed with people depending on the day. Trying to ride a bike through a crowd of people can be a bit stressful, especially if you just want to get somewhere fast.

Suzuha Amane Figure

But sometimes It’s nice to just stop for a second and enjoy the view.

Suzuha Bike

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

12 thoughts on “Out and about with Suzuha : Winter 2014

  1. Suzuha sure seems photogenic for outdoor urban areas like out and about in New York. Good thing that you are getting good mileage out of her, even more so if you were one of the people that waited over a year since her pre-orders opened up.

  2. She’s my guilty pleasure in Steins;Gate. A girl with odd outdoor fetish, but brings positive vibes to her surroundings. There’s something sweet about her that makes me want a friend like Suzuha in real life. Would be wickedly challenging.

  3. It’s amazing how well this figure fits in an urban environment,
    I totally like the pictures, especially 13001436185.

    Im looking forward to see more of her, maybe in Central Park ^^

    Do you always carry her around in her box?

    • I’m sure I’ll be taking her out more in the future, we’ll see where else I can take her!

      I don’t bring the box around with me because it’s a bit too bulky plus it would be hard to take her in and out of it each time. Instead she fits nicely inside my camera bag which has adjustable compartments. I put her in one compartment and the bike in the other, maybe stuff some tissue paper to keep anything from breaking. This allows me to be more mobile and travel light.

  4. Awesome location! Thanks for taking me to sort-of-trip to the streets of NY. She does look so life-like! My 3rd to the last pic was my favorite, those leading lines behind her looked so cool 😀

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