SpringFest NY 2014

SpringFestNY 2014Today we take a break from the usual content to look at another local anime convention, SpringFestNY!

SpringFest NY 2014

Today we find ourselves in the Metrotech district in downtown brooklyn, an area know for institutions that focus on Science & Technology. Held on the ground of NYU Polytechnic, SpringFest NY is a relatively small student-operated anime convention open to the public. I honestly had no idea that such an event even existed, I only heard about it on twitter the morning of and decided to come and check it out.

SpringFestNY Dealers Room

Checking out the dealers room first in what I assume to be the gym of the school. A few different vendors and artists selling various merchandise.

SpringFestNY 2014

SpringFest NY 2014


Gurren Lagann Cosplay

Of course you can’t have an anime convention without lots of cosplay! More cosplay pics below:

Ghost Rider Cosplay

Chun li cosplay SpringFestNY

Lovely Chun Li Cosplay

Kyoukai no Kanata Cosplay

Fuyukai Desu

SpringFestNY 2014 Yoshino Cosplay

Great Yoshino cosplay!

SpringFest NY 2014 Cosplay

SpringFestNY 2014

Fairy Tail Gray Cosplay

Those Abs O.O

SpringFestNY cosplay

Shirika Cosplay SpringFestNY 2014

SpringFestNY 2014

It was a fairly warm day out on Saturday, so a few cosplayers were about and about on the grounds enjoying the weather.

Nui Harime Cosplay

Loved this Nui cosplay by Nekonami Cosplay

SpringFestNY 2014

Some congoers practicing their sword fighting skills.

SpringFestNY Cosplay

Back inside to look around some more.

SpringFestNY Cosplay

SpringFestNY 2014

I love the print on her top!

SpringFestNY 2014

Shinji & Asuka Cosplay

Loved this Asuka and Shinji duo

Shinji and Asuka Cosplay

Rikka Takanashi Cosplay

Banishment, this world!

Overall it was a really fun convention, Now that I know about it I’ll probably try to go back again next year. Hopefully the more the word gets out about it the more popular it will become! Props to all the great cosplayers at the convention, if you see your picture and want a full resolution copy for your blog/page/whatever I will happily provide it for you. You can email me at nyotakublog@gmail.com so I can send you the files.

Thanks for looking!

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