Leaving Home

Leaving HomeEver since getting nendoroid Yasagure Rin I’ve been dying to do a photo shoot using the car she came with (I’m pretty sure I bought her just so I could use the car ^^). Finally it’s starting to get warmer so I took nendoroid Itoshiki out with me to snap some pics.

Nendoroid ItoshikiI tried for a bit of a nostalgic feel with these photos, maybe giving a feeling of homesickness for a place where you won’t return for a while.

Nendoroid Itoshiki

Nendoroid Itoshiki

Nendoroid itoshikiIt was a bit of a challenge to get him to stand up by himself without the stand. If you’re careful you can position his suitcase just right so he stands which is what I’ve done here. Of course it was really windy so he kept falling over! Once I got my shots done I removed the hole in his back using photoshop.

nendoroid itoshikiHope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for looking~

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