Another Rainy Day

Rainy DayI’ve always loved rainy days, there’s just something about the aura of rain that creates a nice mood. Now that springtime is upon us it’s time for more rain to bring all the plants and flowers back to life.

Nendoroid Miku RainLove using Yune’s big red umbrella for shots like this. The vibrant color really seems to be photogenic.

Nendoroid HachikujiHachikuji doesn’t seem to mind the rain!

Nendoroid hatsune Miku Yutaka VerSpringtime is one of my favorite times of year as all the dull colors of winter transform back into vibrant greens.

Nendoroid MaouHaven’t really done any shooting with nendoroid Maou but I thought her redness would look nice against the green plants.

Nendoroid Miku Rain

Nendoroid Hachikuji RainHappy spring!

8 thoughts on “Another Rainy Day

  1. It’s great when nature comes back to life, well we had no snow here at all, winter colors were so dull XD
    Cute pictures I really like Miku’s self supporting twintails.
    The last pic made me chuckle, it’s so funny and also adorable.

  2. Oh darn! I could use more of that rain here in our country! It’s summer and it’s scorching hot! I also noticed that you used a part of the stand to balance Mayoi on the last picture! Good job, great photos! 😀

    • Hopefully you get some rain soon! Don’t want it to get too hot. Getting Hachikuji to stand up was a bit of a challenge so I used the peg that goes into her back to prop her up 🙂

  3. I love rainy days, I’m so happy that my new place of residence has a lot more rain than back home. I need to go out and take pictures when it does, I agree with you, there is something about that crates a really nice mood.

    That last picture with Mayoi really is great, I love it.

    • Always love getting rainy days here and there, some people probably don’t like the rain but I love it. Except for maybe when it’s really pouring outside since it’s hard to walk outside without getting soaked!

  4. Sweet rain it is. I love rainy days and when the sun finally shines afterwards is just splendid.
    You captured a lovely picture of these adorable ones enjoying it, love Miku-chan in kimono. Love the colors. My favorite is #4 photo.
    Oh, I have to agree that last pic of Mayoi is so cute <3

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