Anime Fan Fest 2016

Anime Fan Fest 2016This past weekend was the start of a brand new anime convention for the tri-state area, Anime Fan Fest! Run by Otaku USA magazine, Anime Fan Fest takes place at the Garden State Expo center, the same place that AnimeNEXT has been held for the past few years. With AnimeNEXT moving to Atlantic City this year, perhaps AFF might serve as the replacement anime convention for norther NJ. Despite being in its first year, I was surprised to see a decent amount of dealers and artists.

Prison School CosplayWhile not exactly the most packed convention, as with any convention there was still plenty of cosplay to be seen. Loved this Prison School cosplay!Anime Fan Fest DB Cosplay

Anime Fan Fest 2016 Final Fantasy Cosplay

Anime Fan Fest Joseph Joestar CosplayOOOOHHH NOOOOOOO

Anime Fan Fest Gyro Zeppeli Cosplay

Anime Fan Fest Rohan CosplayPlenty of JoJo cosplay to be seen, loved this Rohan cosplay!

Anime Fan Fest Sakura Miku Cosplay

Anime Fan Fest Satsuki CosplaySatsuki!

Anime Fan Fest 2016 Zoro Cospaly

Little Witch Academia CosplaySo happy to see some Little Witch Academia cosplay around!

Overall I’m glad to see a new convention moving in to where AnimeNEXT used to be, being in the convention center did bring back some memories I guess haha. I’m excited to see what Anime Fan Fest will bring next year, and hopefully it will continue to grow and become even better as time moves on

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