New York Comic Con 2014 : Saturday

NYCC 2014 SaturdayBack again from yet another crazy day here at the New York Comic Con. Despite some pretty crappy weather this morning, tons of people showed up here at the javits center to geek out for a day. Today’s post is pretty much dedicated to cosplay as I spent a good portion of the day running around snapping cosplay pictures. Enjoy!

NYCC Snow Miku CosplaySpotted this lovely snow miku cosplay by Electro Cosplay on my way into the convention center this morning

NYCC senketsu cosplayThis guys senketsu cosplay was seriously amazing.


NYCC shiro cosplay ngnl


NYCC badge cosplayThis guy spoke an unfortunate truth about the ticket situation here at NYCC

NYCC Badge cosplay

NYCC 2014 Kancolle cosplay

NYCC 2014 nonon and gamagori-cosplayThought this Gamagori and Nonon duo was really nicely done

NYCC 2014 frozen cosplay


nycc 2014 cosplay2


NYCC 2014 charlotte madoka-cosplayReally enjoyed this charlotte cosplay

NYCC 2014 silica cosplay

NYCC dashcon cosplayI guess he’s enjoying his extra hour in the ball pit!

NYCC 2014 Gurren Lagann CosplayPierce the heavens!

NYCC 2014 evangelion cosplayPoor shinji

NYCC 2014 Sailor moon cosplayThis was quite the crowd of sailor moon cosplayers!

NYCC 2014 nonon jakuzure-cosplay

NYCC 2014 Wedding Dress Ryuko-Cosplay

NYCC 2014 mako and ryuko cosplay

nycc nui harime cosplay

Was really happy to see a decent amount of Kill la Kill cosplay here at the convention.

NYCC 2014 Kill la Kill group cosplayThis group was pretty epic

NYCC 2014 Satsuki and Ryuko Cosplay

NYCC 2014 Kill la Kill panelAs usual I had to go to the kill la kill panel, lots of great cosplayers showed up as well!

NYCC kill la kill panel cosplay

NYCC 2014 endAfter leaving the last panel of the day, it’s a bit surreal to see the main hall so empty!

Anyway, that about sums it up for this post. As always, cosplayers are encouraged to comment / email me ( so I can link to your page! Full resolution pictures are also available for you to use for your page/etc upon request.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! See everyone again tomorrow for the final day of NYCC


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