New York Comic Con 2014 : Sunday

New York Comic Con 2014After a crazy four days of convention shenanigans, it’s time to take a look back on the final day of the con which was today. As usual this is mostly a cosplay photo dump, lots of great cosplay at the con!

NYCC 2014As always tons of people are here right at opening time

nycc 2014 sunday

nycc 2014 sunday madoka cosplay

NYCC 2014 ultimate madoka and homura cosplayReally loved these madoka cosplays!

NYCC-2014 monty python cosplaytis but a flesh wound!

NYCC 2014 doc oc cosplay

NYCC 2014 bioshock cosplayLoved how his drill spun around

NYCC 2014 Lakitu cosplay

NYCC 2014 lego cosplay

nycc 2014 bender cosplay

nycc 2014 cosplay sunday

NYCC-2014 millennium falcon cosplay

nycc 2014 brook cosplay

nycc 2014 no face cosplay

nycc 2014 sunday cosplay

nycc 2014 bayonetta cosplayLovely Bayonetta cosplay courtesy of SilentWitch

NYCC-2014 Sword Art Online CosplayGreat SAO cosplay!

NYCC-2014 sunday kill la kill cosplay

NYCC Kill la Kill cosplay

We end with an awesome group shot of some awesome Kill la Kill cosplay

Cosplay credit:
Nonon Jakuzure:

As you can imagine while four straight days of convention certainly is exhausting, but it’s also tons of fun! It’s kind of sad once the final day rolls around and everyone goes home, but I guess we can always look forward to next year’s con.

As always, if any cosplayers see their photos comment or email me ( with a link to your page so I can credit you!

That about wraps it up, hope everyone had fun at the convention! See you all next year!!

3 thoughts on “New York Comic Con 2014 : Sunday

  1. Ooh Bayonetta cosplay, I don’t see that very often…

    Looking forward to the anime con season gearing up again. I guess I’ll have to spend the winter doing non-cosplay photography 🙂

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