Otakon 2015

Otakon 2015This past weekend I made my pilgrimage down to Maryland to attend Otakon 2015. This is my second year attending Otakon, and it was just as awesome this year as last year. Just finished sorting through all my photos, so here goes the obligatory photo post for Otakon 2015!

Otakon Dealers RoomThis year wasn’t too different from what I experienced last year, at least this year I was actually able to pick up my pass on Thursday (after waiting 4.5 hours!). I think attendance was down slightly this year, which might be because of the riots which happened a few months ago in Baltimore. Apparently this year is the last time Otakon will be held in Baltimore, as they plan to move into Washington DC next year.

Otakon Pony Canyon BoothNever the less, dealers room was big as ever. Pony Canyon was there this year, and they had a rather awesome display at their booth. Just look at those Hibike Euphonium cardboard cutouts!

Otakon Chaika CosplayNaturally since Otakon is still the largest anime event on the east coast, there’s bound to be a ton of cosplay! As usual this post is dedicated mostly to some of my favorite cosplay that I spotted at the con. First up we have a lovely Chaika cosplay.

Otakon-2015-Jotaro-Kujo-CosplayI was absolutely in love with this Jotaro Kujo cosplay by Louis V. Jean (https://www.facebook.com/The.LVJ) He did such a nice job, and the pose is on point!

Otakon-2015-Mikisugi-CosplaySpeaking of posing, this Mikisugi cosplay was really well done as well. Amazing cosplay courtesy of Alexander Luong

Otakon-Fate-Stay-Night-CosplayGreat Fate Stay Night duo

Otakon-Hakodate-Omiko-CosplayWas glad to see some Hakodate cosplay!

Otakon-2015-CCS-CosplayLovely Cardcaptor Sakura cosplay~

Otakon-2015-Kotori-and-Hanayo-CosplayLoved the outfits for this Hanayo and Kotori duo

Otakon-2015-Love-Live-CosplayMore love live cosplay

Otakon-2015-Pikachu-CosplayThis pikachu cosplay was beyond awesome! Kind of feel bad for the guy having to wear the suit out in the Baltimore heat.

Otakon-Kancolle-Nagato-CosplayA really detailed Nagato cosplay, it must have taken forever to make the whole setup :O


Otakon-Gyro-CosplayGyro Zeppeli!! The teeth were a nice touch

Otakon-2015-jojo-cosplayMore JoJo cosplay

Otakon-Polnareff-CosplayGreat detail in this Polnareff and Silver Chariot cosplay


Otakon-2015-Kill-la-Kill-CosplayStopping by the Kill la Kill meetup

Otakon-Nudist-Beach-CosplayNudist beach!


Otakon-Sinon-CosplayGreat Sinon cosplay

Otakon-Rurouni-Kenshin-cosplayRurouni Kenshin is still one of my all time favorites. Great cosplay by Mike Chan : https://instagram.com/izunadrop247/

Otakon-Ryuko-berserk-CosplayWas rather excited to see a Berserk Ryuko cosplay at the con. Great cosplay by Chelsea Champion


Satsuki's Otakon AdventureOf course while I was at the con I had to do some silly nendoroid photography as well. I brought along my Satsuki nendoroid and had a bit of fun taking her out & about.


IMG_6483You can see the whole set of my Satsuki photos on my FB page here: http://on.fb.me/1DKr2gA
Otakon 2015I have to say that I really enjoyed Otakon this year, everyone I met was really awesome and it just had a really nice vibe to it. I’m kind of sad that it’s moving to DC next year as I’m not too sure if I’m able to go down there for it next year. At least I got to experience it the past two years! Overall it was a really fun convention, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well 🙂

As always, cosplayers I would love to credit you! If you see your picture here comment below or email me ( nyotakublog@gmail.com ) so I can give you credit! If you want a full resolution photo to use on your page or site, you can always email me and I’ll send it too you.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for looking~

8 thoughts on “Otakon 2015

  1. Looks like so much fun! It would be a long travel to both Baltimore and DC, and I actually would rather take a trip to DC, so I suppose I’ll be looking forward to that. Though it would be cool to check it out while it’s in Baltimore for the last time.

    • Yeah totally, although I would say as far as a desination I would much rather prefer DC over Baltimore. The convention center at Baltimore is nice, but I’m not a big fan of the city itself lol ^^;

  2. I was the berserk Ryuko 🙂 I feel bad because i fixed up my cosplay a bit for the second day and it looked a bit better D: . Thank you so much for taking a picture I”m so glad you liked it!
    i have a couple pictures of it on my instagram if you’d like to take a look, but it isn’t as good of quality as this picture haha 😛


    :3 <3

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